Citi Driver’s Edge Rewards Balance Corrected

Editor’s Note:  This limited-time offer has expired. 

Our Citi Driver’s Edge credit card statement just posted, and I’m pleased to report that the problems with our reward calculations have been fixed. Needless to say, I’m thrilled that this all got straightened out with a single phone call. After the adjustment, our reward balance now stands at just over $814. This’ll definitely come in handy when we finally buy our new car. But… Now I need to find a new reward card, as we’re getting very close to $1, 000 reward limit on this card, and our other reward cards are tapped out.

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2 Responses to “Citi Driver’s Edge Rewards Balance Corrected”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Nancy, I can’t answer your question directly. We also lost 3,000 in Driver’s Edge dollors. If you’ve found a solution, Please let us know. I certainly don’t agree with the fact that the rebates expire.
    Thank you, Steve

  2. Anonymous

    Citi Driver’s Edge Rewards lost! CS says we have a cap of $500 a year. (we thought it was $1000) Need help in how to recover the past 20 years or at least the last five!

    * Have had a Citi Gold to Platinum Card for years, sincd 1988.
    * Signed up for Ford Driver’s Edge Card in 90’s, transferred points/rewards to new card. (never used any)
    * few years back Citi sent us a new card, Citi World “Charter” Driver’s Edge Card (said it was equal to Platinum) and canceled our other card. We assumed they transferred all our rebates to the new card
    * recently realized rebate balance never increases, stays at 2095 rebates.

    Need help! How can we recover some of the revenue that Citi has stolen from us over the years. Our monthly average Citi statement is $5000 to $7000. Also, would love recommendations on which new card would be best suited for us, pref. no cap on bonuses.

    Thanks in advance,

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