Cheap(er) Gas, High Fees

Earlier this week, I wrote about the fate of gas-related surcharges given that fuel prices have dropped so steeply. Shortly thereafter, I spotted an article in Smart Money talking about this very topic. They argued that, while some businesses actually have reduced or eliminated their fees, others are sticking to their guns.

What follows is a list of eight industries where fuel savings haven’t thus far been passed onto consumers (at least not entirely):

  1. Airlines
  2. Cruise lines
  3. Shipping companies
  4. Waste management companies
  5. Taxis
  6. Water delivery
  7. Independent contractors
  8. Florists

While some companies have adjusted their surcharges downward, these changes haven’t kept pace with decreases in fuel costs. For example, FedEx and UPS have decreased their ground surcharge by just 1%, and they’ve actually increased their express shipping surcharge by 1.5%. To be fair, it’s possible that some of these industries are still dealing with fuel prices that they locked in at a higher level in an attempt to combat further increases.


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  1. Anonymous

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