Chase Reward Categories for Summer 2012 – Plus a $100 Bonus

As you may recall, Chase Freedom card offers bonus rewards in different spending categories on a quarterly basis — and yes, you have to re-enroll each quarter.

This time around, they’re offering 5% cash back on gas stations and restaurants from July – September 2012. There’s a $1, 500 spending cap for the bonus rewards, so we’re actually talking about a possible $75 in bonus rewards.

While $75 isn’t a huge sum, it’s certainly worth the minimal effort required to enroll your card in the program. Speaking of which… To enroll, visit and follow the instructions, or call the number on the back of your card.

Don’t forget the $100 bonus…

If you don’t already have a Chase Freedom card, you can get a $100 bonus by applying for one, getting approved, and spending $500 within the first three months. Technically, you’ll get 10k points, but you can easily redeem these for a $100 check.

For what it’s worth, we’ve had this card for a long time and have never had a problem getting Chase to hold up their end of the bargain. Simply login to your account and request a check. It should show up within about a week.

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2 Responses to “Chase Reward Categories for Summer 2012 – Plus a $100 Bonus”

  1. Anonymous

    Re: credit access line…don’t know if this is how Chase will do it, but Citi made that switch a while ago on my card and they report my highest charged balance as my credit “limit” (which is still annoying, because it’s like 25% of my actual previously existing limit) but it hasn’t seemed to affect my score much. I heard it has something to do with not wanting other credit companies to try to poach customers on the basis of them having very high limits with other card companies.

  2. Anonymous

    Just curious if anybody else got this notice, but I got a letter from Chase today that they are adding the MasterCard World Points to my Chase Freedom Card. They said that my interest rate and rewards status with the Chase Freedom cash back program will remain the same, but they are switching to a credit access line, rather than a credit limit.

    I am really curious as to how this would work. They tried to explain it in the letter, but it does not make much sense to me. My main concern is how this is reported to the credit bureau. Will it always show that I have maxed out my credit access line since my line is only as much as I have spent each month?

    Not real sure, and would love some feedback if anyone has any!

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