Chase Freedom Reward Categories for Fall 2012


As we head into fall, it’s time for Chase Freedom cardholders to sign up for the next round of bonus reward categories. This time around, they’re offering 5% cash back from Oct 1 through Dec 31 on hotels, airlines, Best buy® and Kohl’s. As always, the bonus is limited to $1, 500 in purchases in the relevant categories.

An added wrinkle this time around is that you’ll earn an “extra” 5% cash back on purchases at Kohl’s. I’ve read through the offer fairly closely, and it’s still unclear to me if this means 5% + 5% = 10% on Kohl’s purchases, or if it means that Kohl’s is essentially an extra category with its own $1500 limit.

Here’s the text from their FAQs:

Q. Will I receive an extra 5% cash back on purchases made at Kohl’s?

A. Yes, just activate your 5% cash back categories and you’ll automatically receive an extra 5% cash back on up to $1, 500 spent on Kohl’s purchases. That’s in addition to the 5% cash back you receive when you spend up to $1, 500 in the four categories (dining, department stores, movie theaters and charitable organizations) this quarter.

Q. Can I get 5% cash back at Kohl’s even if I’ve already earned 5% cash back on $1, 500 spent in the other categories?

A. Yes! You can earn 5% cash back on up to $1, 500 spent at Kohl’s on top of the 5% cash back you already earn in this quarter’s categories.

This means you can earn an extra bonus of up to $75 on Kohl’s purchases. That’s on top of the $75 you’ll earn when you make purchases in the three categories (hotels, airlines, Best buy®).

The answer to the first question makes it sound like you’re getting an additional 5% on Kohl’s purchases, but the answer to the second question makes it sound like Kohl’s is essentially an extra, standalone category.

Regardless, if you have this card, you should visit and follow the instructions to get your bonus rewards — or just call the number on the back of your card and tell the rep what you want to do.

Don’t forget the $100 bonus…

If you don’t already have a Chase Freedom card, don’t forget about the $100 signup bonus for applying for one, getting approved, and spending $500 within the first three months. Technically, you’ll get 10k points, but you can easily redeem these for a $100 check.

For what it’s worth, we’ve had this card for a long time and have never had a problem getting Chase to hold up their end of the bargain. Simply login to your account and request a check. It should show up within about a week.

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6 Responses to “Chase Freedom Reward Categories for Fall 2012”

  1. Anonymous

    I agree, David, nice find! I’m happy to be proven wrong.

    BTW, thanks for the reminder, Brad. I do very little clothes shopping, but when I do, it’s often at Kohl’s. Now if I can only find that Kohl’s card we got a few years ago…

  2. Anonymous

    If you use a Kohl’s store card, you will receive weekly mailings with 10-30% off every time you use your card, on top of the weekly sales.

    So, if you buy much at Kohl’s, get their card. No annual fee and no costs for paying each month. And forget about the 5% off bonus when the Kohl’s card bonus is almost always 20-30% off.

    Once again, don’t forget about the opportunity cost. Don’t forego 20-30% discounts just to get your 5-10 % cashback.

  3. Anonymous

    It sounds to me like Kohl’s is its own category. Both Q&A’s sound like this to me. The only way to make it sound like it’s 10% off at Kohl’s is if you think, “Well, Kohl’s is a department store, so I’m getting 5% off for that, plus an extra 5% off because I’m at Kohl’s!” But it sounds to me like Kohl’s is its own thing.

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