Carnivals – Week of 07/10/06

FiveCentNickel took part in four carnivals this week. Here they are, along with my posts that were included in each.

The Best of Me Symphony, which is up at The Owner’s Manual, included “Rules Regarding No-Interest Family Loans.” Also included was “No Child Left Behind?” from

The Carnival of Personal Finance, which is up at The Real Returns, included “Cell Phone Overages: A Hidden Cost of Moving.” Also included was “The Best Dollars That I’ve Ever Spent” from

The Festival of Frugality, which is up at Frugal for Life, included “Great Sprint PCS Service (and a 10% Discount).”

The Carnival of the Vanities, which is up at The Bull Speaks!, included “Money Saving Tip: Live Next Door to Someone Who’s Moving.” Also included was “From the Mouths of Babes: Made in China” from

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