Carnivals – Week of 02/20/06

Here’s a rundown of recent carnivals that FiveCentNickel has participated in, along with links to my posts that were included in each…

The Carnival of Personal Finance, which is up at FreeMoneyFinance, features the first in a series of post on tax breaks not to miss. Also featured is a post that describes our allowance system from

The Best of Me Symphony, which is up at The Owner’s Manual, features my post on car buying mistakes.

The Carnival of the Capitalists, which is up at The Stalwart, features my post on natural gas prices.

The Festival of Frugality, which is up at Retire at 30, features my post on what you should do if you run a book of stamps through the washing machine.

The Carnival of the Vanities, which is up at A DC Birding Blog, features Money Poll #1: Budgeting. Also featured is Otitis Media, Ear Tubes, and a Wet Brain from

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