Carnivals – Week of 02/13/06

FiveCentNickel took part in six carnivals this week. Here they are, along with links to the posts of mine that were included in each…

The Carnival of Personal Finance, which is up at The Dividend Guy, features my post on tax scams.

The Festival of Frugality, which is up at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, features part 2 of my post on avoiding costly home insurance mistakes.

The Carnival of Investing, which is up at Trader Mike, features my post on Google’s new payment service, Gbuy.

The Best of Me Symphony, which is up at The Owner’s Manual, features my post on buying a new car.

The Carnival of the Capitalists, which is up at Frugal Underground, features my post on the economics of Super Bowl ads.

The Carnival of the Vanities, which is up at Financial Revolution, features my post on how much a million dollars weighs. Also included this week is Rainy Days, TV, and Gameboys from

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