Calculate Your PayPal Fees

I just ran across yet another useful financial calculator, and thought I’d point it out here (see also my earlier link to a huge list of financial calculators). If you’re thinking about accepting a PayPal payment, then you might be interested in calculating your fees before any money exchanges hands. Enter the PayPal Fee Calculator. According to the blurb on their site: is a free online PayPal fee calculator. It allows anyone with a PayPal account to quickly and easily determine their PayPal fees before they accept money online. We also allow you to “reverse” calculate your fees to find out what amount a person should send you so that you actually get the amount you want after PayPal fees have been taken out, or what we like to call a Reverse PayPal Calculator.

In addition to the above, this calculator supports all the major currencies and countries that PayPal currently supports. It’s definitely worth checking out, and may be worth bookmarking for future reference.

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  1. Anonymous

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    David Porter

  2. Anonymous

    Remember that you can keep two paypal accounts: One for commercial use, and one for personal use.
    That is what I use.
    One for ebay, and one for friends.
    The one for friends, I just don’t accept credit card payments, and thus, I do not have any fees.

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