Buying Term Life Insurance, Part III

The term life insurance saga continues… Our application packets arrived at the end of last week, just three days after we made the initial contact with IntelliQuote, and we also received a call from the Portamedic that will be doing our medical exams. It turns out that the date/time that we had initially requested was already booked, so we had to reschedule our exams. We’re now looking at the middle of next week, which will be 15 days after the initial contact.

This delay isn’t completely their fault, as my travel/work schedule precludes doing it pretty much any time this week, and I’m also pretty inflexible about the timing — it has to be first thing in the morning so I can get it done before I go to work. Anyway, IntelliQuote warned us that our requested date/time might not be available depending on the schedule of the Portamedic to whom we were ultimately assigned. So now we just need to fill out the application packets and wait for the medical exam.

One thing that doesn’t sit terribly well with me is the fact that they want us to give the completed application packet to the Portamedic rather than mailing it in ourselves. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but there’s a whole lot of sensitive information included within the insurance application, and I don’t really like the idea of handing it over to an intermediary. I’m not sure how we’ll end up handling this. We could probably arrange to submit the application paperwork directly, but I suspect that we’ll acquiesce and just hand it over at the conclusion of the medical exam.

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  1. Anonymous

    Warning: Even if you set it up for first thing in the morning, plan on it taking longer than you think:

    1. Our person showed up 15 minutes late.

    2. She was very organized but SLOW. I could have filled out the forms in half the time.

    3. The kids wanted to “see” all the equipment and (of course) she had to show them how it worked.

    Net result: I arrived at work 45 minutes later than I had expected.

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