Buying Home Depot 10% Discount Coupons on eBay

We’re in the market for a new refrigerator. We want to buy it new, and we want to get it for as little as possible. But first, a bit of backstory… As it turns out, the previous owners of the house that we recently purchased left their refrigerator behind. On top of this, our beloved fridge was white, and the appliances in the new house are black. Thus, we opted to leave the old fridge behind and make do with the new one. The problem is that we really don’t like the new one.

First off, it’s a side-by-side, whereas we’re still in love with the old freezer-on-the-top style. And yes, we’ve considered freezer-on-the-bottom, or freezer-on-the-bottom with double fridge doors, but they just don’t turn our collective crank. But the biggest thing that we miss is the amount of usable space that we used to have. Our old fridge was big honking 24.6 cubic foot top-mount model that allowed us (among other things) to store nine (yes, nine!) gallons of milk on the main shelf, while still leaving a bunch more space — in fact, those nine gallons take just over half the main shelf.

Right about now you’re probably asking who needs to store nine gallons of milk in their fridge? Well, we do. At least if we want to space out our trips to the grocery store. We’re a milk-drinkin’ family of six.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the best local price that I’ve been able to find on the model that we want (a GE Profile Arctica) is at Home Depot. It’s $1399, beating Sears by $100, and if we buy before the end of the we’ll get a $100 Home Depot gift card. But I want to do better — I want one of those 10% off coupons that you see around every now and then. In fact, we got one in the moving package that the USPS sends out when we changed our address, but we already used it.

The solution? eBay. That’s right, hop on over to eBay and you’ll find a ton of auctions for Home Depot or Lowes 10% off coupons. You can buy them individually, or in lots of up to ten or more. And they’re pretty cheap, averaging a buck or two apiece (plus shipping). I have no idea if these coupons are legit — I sorta suspect that they’re not. But, given the price, I’m willing to roll the dice. In fact, I just scored a six pack for $8 including shipping. The beauty of Home Depot 10% off coupons is that they don’t typically expire, so you can buy a stack and then just whip them out as you need them. Most of the Lowes coupons, on the other hand, seemed to expire in four to six weeks.

Given the price, I’ll come out ahead using one of these anytime I spend a little over $13 (not including the sales tax savings). Of course, I’m most excited about the $140 we’ll save on the fridge.

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  1. Anonymous

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  2. Anonymous

    The ebay sellers can get unlimited coupons, I reliably could get a coupon for less than .50 cents each for years. recently the price jumped to ridiculous levels. patients people! bid low and wait. everyone could get 7 for 2 to 3 dollars if they wouldn’t fight each other for them. there is plenty to go around. there a more coupon sellers than ever they all want their money if everyone would bid low they would just post more to try to make their profit. its just a coupon, remember they are getting them for free.

  3. Anonymous

    I brought ten of these cards from ebay, as we were building a deck. We spend well over $2000.00 over the course of a few weeks and saved well over $200. For a couple of dollars it is well worth it especially for the larger projects. The only thing it did not cover was delivery.

  4. Anonymous

    Hate to be a debbie downer (whah-whaaaaah), but something smells fishy about those coupons on ebay. Even if they are not counterfeit, the fine print on the coupon says “void if sold.” One ebay listing stated (paraphrasing) “You are buying a service, not the actual coupon.” Yeah, right. Anyway, it’s unfortunately a gray area here.

  5. Anonymous

    Did you look into those coupons on EBay much. I was looking a while back and it seems like most of them are contounfeit, and it’s just the luck of draw whether the cashier notices it or not.

  6. Anonymous

    I think that you would do well to look into Raw Milk and its benefits. I think that 9 gallons is a lot of milk and I think you will quickly realize that Raw milk is wonderful for you.

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  7. Anonymous

    Wow 10% off discount. That is soooo cool. So Home Depot is really getting screwed on that deal huh? Oh wait, Home Depot sells at RETAIL prices so that means the item you’re buying is already marked up 20 – 30% anyway. Well I guess 10% off of 30% inflated prices is a better deal than paying the full 30% markup.

    Try finding the wholesale price for that model number. You’ll be suprised 😉

  8. Anonymous

    You can still register for the printable Lowe’s coupon at One thing worth noting is that although the coupon is one time use at Lowe’s, Home Depot will accept competitor’s coupons (including the Lowe’s printable) and has no way of verifying whether it has ever been used or not, essentially meaning you can use it over and over again (at least until the expiration date).

    Good tip on buying the gift cards at the grocery store. We will probably do that too.

  9. Anonymous

    Some other tips for saving at Home Depot:

    If you have one of the 5% cash back credit cards, look for Home Depot gift cards at your local grocery store. Purchase the gift cards with your cash back credit card and you in effect save an additional 5% off your Home Depot purchase.

    Before you go to eBay and pay for a 10% off coupon, go to your customer service counter at Home Depot and tell the rep you are getting ready to make a big purchase, but are looking for any active coupons or discounts they might have. I have been very successful with the customer service rep just handing me a 10% off coupon and sometimes a rebate form I never would have known existed.

    If you have a Lowe’s in your area or other Home Depot competitor, you can use any coupons or specials they have and Home Depot will match. When I purchased my house 2 years ago and was doing a bunch of work, Lowe’s at that time had a 10% off printable coupon on their web site. Between the USPS change of address 10% off coupons, matching the Lowe’s 10% off coupons and just plain asking the customer service rep for discounts, I saved a bunch of money on 4 or 5 Home Depot buying trips.

    P.S. – If the customer service counter is busy, don’t ask for the discount – try to get them when not busy – then they are the nicest and most helpful with the discounts and rebates.

    Good Luck!

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