Buffett Makes Largest Donation Ever

In case you missed it, Warren Buffett (chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. and the second richest man in the world) has decided to donate nearly $31 billion to the Gates Foundation. In 2005, the Gates Foundation ranked just behind the country of Finland in global health spending. Buffett’s move, which stands as the largest charitable donation of all time, will double the amount of money that the Gates Foundation has at its disposal each year. For the sake of comparison, the inflation-adjusted contributions of other great U.S. philanthropists are as follows:

Andrew Carnegie: $7.2 billion
John D. Rockefeller: $7.1 billion
John Rockefeller, Jr.: $5.5 billion

The goals of the Gates Foundation, which has been bankrolled thus far by $26 billion from Bill and Melinda Gates, include improving the quality of schools across the country as well as eradicating the world’s top 20 diseases, including AIDs, malaria, and tuberculosis… No word yet on whether or not they’ll tackle the common cold. 😉

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  1. Anonymous

    As a self-professed financial strategist, I was just doing some research on what is now an old subject and ran across this page in a Google search.

    I hope that things worked out for Charles. Based on both your posting & his comments I think I’ll join 5centNickle. It was Charles’ comments that nailed it for me.

    With the knowledge I’ve amassed with some widely used by little known strategies, I saw a lesson in Buffet’s (and the Gates Foundation) actions. It is just that type of knowledge (or in Charles’ case lack of some knowledge) that has separated families financially in this country for generations (far too long).

    I pray that here, in 2010, that Charles made it through because with our current course, as a nation, and the decline in the purchasing power of our US dollar, many families are headed for total final ruin…so sad.

    It is for this reason that I work so hard to educate others, and even that is being challenged by some entities that want to keep people between a rock and a hard place. I’m only trying to learn and teach what I know to those who want to do something positive about it.

    I can appreciate your site & the resources it can be. Be looking for me on Twitter as well…to late in the night to follow you now…be looking for me…

    Netfully Yours,


    PS – As this wasn’t a recent post that I’m replying to, if Charles is still in need of some help don’t hesitate to have him contact me. I may be able to offer him some alternative strategies to assist him.

    After all, we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers.


  2. Anonymous

    My apologies!!

    With california sucking 1K a month out of my paycheck for money i don’t owe them and the company that has the W2’s i lost to prove it taking 4 months to tell me they won’t resend them and having move 2 times to take jobs after 6 months of unemployment to finally stabalize in a job and am finally catching up (but will probably still lose my stuff in storage) and i only have 5K in debt (but as i have learned when people want your money they want it now! but they owe you money it could be 6-20 weeks before you see something). *Sigh*

    I had looked to sites like yours to help with advice to kep my head above water till this all evened out and took offense to this posting and then lashed out.

    You did nothing wrong, i just hate how the US finacial system has set themselves up, and if you make 1 mistake you spend more time and man hours trying to correct it and still recieve a black spot!

    And, wierdly enough, I have met Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum (now deceased), when i was in UAE right after the ground war in Kuwait! He was very friendly (and yes very extravagant, but not overtly).

    Again my apologies keep up the good work!!

  3. Nickel

    Charles: I guess my main goal here is to share interesting tidbits about money that happen to strike my fancy. 90% (or more) of the time these things have to do with saving money, investing, taxes, retirement, protecting your credit, or some such. Sometimes they don’t. But I’d hardly consider talking someone donating $30 billion for the greater good to be an afront to anyone. It’s not like I started writing about the extravagancies of the Prince of Dubai, or something like that. And rest assured… I never will. 😉

  4. Anonymous

    oh, i usually come to your site to learn possible ways of saving money. But, to have rich peoples actions (albeit a good thing)touted is an afront to what i thought this site was trying to do. Then again, you never really state what your goal or game plan is.

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