Brothel Offers Free Gas to Customers

Apparently gas prices are starting to affect consumer behavior in all areas of the economy… The word on the street is that the Shady Lady Ranch in Beatty, Nevada is providing clients with a $50 gas voucher (enough to cover the 260 mile round trip from Las Vegas) as long as they partake at least $300 worth of “services.” Apparently they went through $1, 000 worth of vouchers in the first week and had to order more.

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  1. Anonymous

    yes, they call the cash (or casino chips) given to taxi drivers a “toke” – short for tokens. This is a commission for bringing them willing clients. It is a huge underground business for taxi drivers in this town for the strip clubs.

    Now, the brothels in Nye County (about 45 minutes away where prostitution is legal) are getting in on the game. They never had to do it before, but literally, gas prices are changing everything…

  2. Anonymous

    Oh wow. That’s a pretty novel idea. I’ve read that if you take a taxi from Vegas out of one of those brothels, the taxi driver gets a percent of what you spend inside or something strange like that. Not sure if it’s true but can make it an expensive taxi drive, so with this voucher, I guess renting a car makes sense. That would make for an interesting vacay…

  3. Anonymous

    This made big news here in Vegas. The price of gas is changing EVERYTHING.

    Also, since it is a 45 minute car ride from Vegas to Parumph, where brothels are legal outside of Clark County, the industry is slowing down a ton.

    What the brothels are also offering are other incentives. I heard they were offering 2 for 1 pricing. That is, twice the service for the same price. Let that swim around in your noggin for awhile….

  4. Anonymous

    Well that’s interesting… yet disturbing.

    Who knew the economy was so bad that the ‘working girls’ had to offer rebates and freebies to drum up business. LOL.

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