Broadband Internet Crisis Averted

Earlier this week I mentioned that we won’t be able to get either DSL or cable internet at our new house. Just a few days after throwing me into a tizzy about how we’ll feed our broadband addiction, however, BellSouth has seemingly come to our rescue… Even though they had told us (both online and over the phone) that we will be unable to get DSL at our house, we received an e-mail a few days later confirming our request to move our phone service and stating that they expect to activate DSL service at our house in early July. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m not complaining. My best guess is that we’re the first on the street to request DSL, and that was enough to get them to make it available. Regardless, we’ll just need to make it through the month of June with dialup, and then we’ll have be home free.

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  1. Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAAAAA You fell for it!!

    When i lived in Seattle Qwest promised they would have DSL in my area by September (it was july at the tme), 3 years later still no DSL, but they kept promising!!

  2. Anonymous

    Depending on how much it bothers you, you could always get a broadband card from someone like verizon. It’s alittle pricey, but you (hopefully) would never be without high speed internet

  3. Nickel

    Nick, I suspect that it wasn’t available, as they’re going to be hooking it up a month after the phone. My thinking is that they now has a reason to make it available.

    Jonathan, the lot sizes are big enough in our new area that I doubt we’d be able to pick up a decent signal from the neighbors. Good idea, though.

  4. Anonymous

    If you have a wireless card be sure to check to see if a neighbor has been kind enough to share their internet.

    My moving tip 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    You may have had it available all along and some dumb person or computer messed up the initial request. When we moved into this apartment, Verizon’s website said “heck no” to DSL, but the apartment staff swore it was available; and sure enough, we had it installed two weeks later.

    Glad to see you’ll be staying with us in the land of high speed!

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