Broadband Internet Coming Soon(er than Expected)

After learning that we wouldn’t be able to get ‘traditional’ broadband internet (i.e., cable or DSL) at our new house, I was thrilled to death when I heard from BellSouth would be hooking us up in early July. After all, that meant just a month on dialup before we’d be back to full speed. Well, Friday night BellSouth e-mailed with even better news… Our DSL is now scheduled to be turned on along with our phone service on July 2nd. So now I don’t even have to bother buying a modem and finding a decent dialup provider to bridge the gap. Woohoo!

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  1. Anonymous

    The really good news here is that you have now 2 potential broadband providers. Try playing them against each other and lowering your Internet bill. 😉

    I find the usual broadband charges monstrous. I don’t see why a user with 5 GB of monthly traffic should pay the same as the pirate kiddie with 50+.

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