Brits Often Work Drunk

Based on the results of a recent survey, millions of Brits go to work drunk (or get drunk while they’re there, I guess). More specifically, one in six Brits admit to having been “under the influence of alcohol at work in the last six months.” And to think that the World Cup hasn’t even started yet!

[Source: The Register]

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  1. Anonymous

    Considering how many restaurants serve alcohol during business hours, I’d have to say that a lot of Americans probably work drunk too.

  2. Anonymous

    I really hate statistics like this. I’ve worked with a number of Brits, as well as people from more countries than I’m sure I could remember off of the top of my head. Yes, there are cultural issues to overcome. But every single one of them was an individual. Some of them were outstanding. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat. Others, I couldn’t wait to get away from.

    I’m not completely innocent of stereotyping. However, I tend to generalize about people based on things they have chosen for themselves. I’m much more likely to draw conclusions about someone based on their profession, party affiliation or the kind of car they drive than on skin color, nationality or native language. The choices we make say much more about us than the circumstances of our birth.

  3. Anonymous

    When I worked for Electronic Arts, I did a liquid lunch on my dinner break fairly often.

    In my defense, I was working 14 to 20 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week. I was still getting more work done than anybody else on the team. Whenever I would Q/C my own work the next day (which was part of my job, as well as Q/Cing everybody else’s work), it was just as good as it would have been had I been sober.

    Go to work for a few hours, eat the lunch I had brought, work some more hours, go to the pub for some drinks, get back to work and have a few more drinks in the parking lot with my buddies, go back into work and by the time I got to go home I was sober again. Get 3 or 4 hours of sleep, then head back to work.

    Man, that job sucked. I didn’t even get paid enough to do it. Probably why I don’t work there anymore.

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