Blondes Earn More and Marry Better?

Blondes Earn More and Marry Better?We’ve all heard that blondes have more fun, but did you know that they also tend to marry better (in a financial sense) and earn more?

According to a recent article in Economic Letters, blonde women have slightly higher wages than other women despite “no systemic differences” in their qualifications.

Beyond their higher earning power, blonde women marry men who earn an average of 6% more than the spouses of other women. At the same time, they’re no more or less likely to get married in the first place.

Too bad for my wife that she has dark hair… 😉

Source: USA Today

6 Responses to “Blondes Earn More and Marry Better?”

  1. Anonymous

    Being a real blonde (hair dye has NEVER touched my hair!), I love seeing articles like this 😉 I do earn more than most of my counterparts, but I did not marry a man who makes more 🙁 He decided to stay at home and mooch off of me 😉 HA! That’s quite alright, though. He’s an excellent cook!

  2. Nickel

    smartcredit: This isn’t my logic, these are the results of an academic study on the topic. Apparently blond women (fake or not, I have no idea) earn more and marry men with higher incomes than non-blonds (on average).

  3. Anonymous

    99% of the blondes you see are fake blondes. So by your logic, anyone can earn more money or marry better by bleaching their hair. I haven’t met one true blond adult woman in my life. I’ve met many blond children, but their hair gets darker as they age.

    Instead of telling women to dye their hair blond, I prefer to tell them to become worldly wise, street-smart, and educated. A female attorney, physician, engineer, CEO, etc. can beat the financial pants off any man. So she won’t “need” a man; she’ll make and enjoy her own money.

  4. Anonymous

    What does the study say about fake blonds? Do they count? If so, ask your wife to change her hair color. Your income might increase by 6% right away…. 😉

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