Blockbuster Deal for Switching

I just ran across what looks like a really nice offer from over at Growing Money. Assuming that you are currently a Netflix/Wal-Mart customer, you can get a free two month trial plus a free (to own) new release DVD. Read on to find out how…

Simply cancel your membership and forward the cancellation e-mail to:

[email protected]

They’ll respond within seven days with a special promo code that gets you the extended (i.e., two month) free trial as well as the new release DVD of your choice. To be honest, I’ve tried both NetFlix and Blockbuster in the past, and I much prefer NetFlix — at the time that I tried Blockbuster their movie selection was fine, but they had slow shipping and very poor availability. But free is free. And even if you don’t really want to switch, you can always cancel near the end of your current NetFlix billing month (such that you don’t lose anything), send in the cancellation e-mail for the promo code, and then sign right back up with NetFlix. You’ll get double service (NetFlix + Blockbuster) for two months plus a free DVD. If you do this, just remember to cancel Blockbuster before the trial runs out.

the link to the original deal.

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