Best High Mileage Cars

Given all the recent news about high prices at the pump, there’s been a lot of talk about fuel efficient cars. While it’s pretty easy to pull up a list of the highest mileage cars on the market, it’s less straightforward to come up with a list of cars that live at the intersection of high mileage and outstanding value. With this in mind, CNN/Money and recently put together a list of ‘the best cars that get great gas mileage.’ Their list covers luxury cars, family sedans, sports cars, crossover SUVs, and subcompacts. As it turns out, none of the top picks are hybrids due to their higher cost. They do, however, provide hybrid alternatives where available. Without further ado, here are their top picks…

Luxury: Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI
Mileage: 27 city/37 highway
Cost: $50k
The ‘Also-Rans’: Audi A4, BMW 3-series

Family Sedan: Toyota Camry
Mileage: 24 city/34 highway
Cost: Low $20s
The ‘Also-Rans’: Honda Accord, Ford Focus
Hybrid Alternative: Lexus GS450h

Sports Car: Chevrolet Corvette
Mileage: 18 city/28 highway
Cost: $45k
The ‘Also-Rans’: Mercedes-Benz CLK350, Mazda MX-5 Miata

Crossover/Wagon: Totyota Rav4
Mileage: 24 city/30 highway
Cost: $22k
The ‘Also-Rans’: Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Equinox/Pontiac Torrent
Hybrid Alternative: Lexus RX400h

Compact Car: Toyota Corolla
Mileage: 21 city/41 highway
Cost: $15k
The ‘Also-Rans’: Honda Civic, Volkswagen Jetta TDI
Hybrid Alternatives: Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid

[Source: CNN/Money]

11 Responses to “Best High Mileage Cars”

  1. Anonymous

    Today my 2000 Chevy Silverado 4×4 pick up truck will roll over 300,000 miles. I am the original owner and wondered if there was any kind of recognition from Chevy?? My truck is awesome!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Why is the minivan category not being touched by the Prius type technology?
    It would be great if the new Scion “van” went with a Prius package.
    Has anybody seen a Prius that has been modified, enlarged?

    I have heard their is a new iron based high end battery that is recyclable – any info?

    thank you!

  3. Anonymous

    The Camry outranks the Prius?

    Please – they are the same price, the same size, yet the Prius has substantially better gas mileage. Plus, it is a hatchback, so it is more flexible as a cargo carrier.

    There is NO premiumm here for the additional benefits of the hybrid technology.

    The Prius should be in first place.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, electric-based cars are transferring the energy source from the gas pump to the electric grid,but the electric grid is much more efficient than gasoline; moreover, the electric grid includes a wide range of cleaner energy sources: wind, hydro, natural gas.

  5. Nickel

    Mohan, I’ve seen reports of this in cars outfitted with humongous battery packs in their trunks that are ‘topped off’ by plugging them in while at home. But these aren’t traditional ‘plug in’ cars that have a very limited range without plugging in again… They are basically hybrids with an additional battery boost, and when the extra batteries run down they basically perform exactly like a regular hybrid. While these cars can get great mileage, however, they’re still consuming a good bit of energy — it just changes the source from the gas tank to the electric company.

  6. Anonymous

    Most people do not realize technology exists that enable hybrids to get 250-300 mpg. My mechanic first tipped me off and have verified it since. This will definitely change the equation and offset the higher price.

  7. Nickel

    Good question… There wasn’t one. I’m guessing that the newest revision of the Honda Odyssey (with it’s variable cylinder management system) would rate pretty high.

  8. Anonymous

    They didn’t give a look at the new Toyota Yaris. It puts out comparable numbers to the Corolla, but has an MSRP about $3-4K less.

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