Open Thread: Best Android Apps for Money and Finance

Open Thread: Best Android Apps for Money and FinanceShortly after publishing this morning’s article on the best money and finance apps for your iPhone, a couple of readers e-mailed asking for a similar list of apps for Android-based phones.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a lot of guidance here because I use an iPhone. I do, however, know that many FCN readers use Android phones, so I thought I’d create an open thread where people can share app recommendations.

If you’re an Android user and have any recommendations for good/useful apps that are at least tangentially related to money or finance, please leave a comment.

If you’d just like to browse around and see what’s out there, hop on over to Android Marketplace. If you click on the “Top Free” or “Top Paid” tabs, you’ll be presented with a list of categories so you can narrow in on “Finance” apps very easily.

7 Responses to “Open Thread: Best Android Apps for Money and Finance”

  1. Anonymous

    Not directly finance related, but Craigsnotifica.
    you can set up searches for whatever you’re looking for, and it allow it to auto update and notify you when new items that match your search are posted.

    Careful with battery life, though. The browsing the notifications and allowing it to update too regularly can leave you w/o power 😉

  2. Anonymous

    I like mooLa! (Free edition). There is no personal information shared, you can have multiple accounts, recurring transactions, etc… I would like better it if it had a transfer between accounts feature, but it’s quite worth downloading.

  3. Anonymous

    I actively use Financisto. It’s free. It’s a checking book ledger.

    I have Mint as well, but I don’t really use their services, because my credit union doesn’t link to Mint.

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