Online Bank Interest Rates on the Rise? E-Trade Bank to 3.30% APY

After months (and months!) of falling interest rates, I recently reported that HSBC Direct raised their savings rate to 3.50% APY*. Well, it seems that competition for your savings dollar is starting to heat up…

E-Trade Bank has responded by increasing the interest rate on their “Complete Savings Account” to 3.30% APY. This still falls short of HSBC Direct‘s 3.50% APY, but hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

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*For updated rates, be sure to check out my list of online savings account interest rates.

4 Responses to “Online Bank Interest Rates on the Rise? E-Trade Bank to 3.30% APY”

  1. Anonymous

    I’m really hoping that ING ups their rates soon. I’m wavering over whether to take advantage of their “bonus” for CD renewal right now (if I roll them, I get an extra .1% interest rate) or wait and hope the rates improve even more.

    I’ve got an account at HSBC Direct as well, but I just find that I like ING better, for many reasons.

  2. Anonymous

    Have you heard of you can get banks to bid on your money so you can get a higher interest rate on your CD or high-yield savings account (there’s no commitment so you can see what they’ll offer before you sign up).

  3. Anonymous

    Shore Bank (Chicago-Detroit-Cleveland) has an online savings account that offers 3.5%. I’ve had that rate for a couple months now. They always seem to be the same, or slightly higher, than my HSBC and ING accounts. Supposedly Shore Bank also stresses local community banking and environmental causes.

    Shore Bank web site:

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