Back to Planning on Paper

After an on-again-off-again relationship with a variety of different PDAs, ranging from a Handspring Visor to a Handspring Treo 90 to a Palm Tungsten E, I’ve finally decided to return to keeping track of my life on paper. Things are just so crazy in my life these days, and I’m far too visual to be able to keep track of things on a tiny LCD screen. I need to see my entire week laid out in front of me. So…

I’ve reverted to my trusty Quo Vadis Trinote Weekly planner. This is actually a planner that I stumbled upon at a mall calendar kiosk shortly after New Year’s a number of years back. I picked it up for 50% off and rapidly fell in love with the format. The problem was that I couldn’t find refills for it. That is, I couldn’t find refills until I found a couple of years ago. But now I can, and all is (once again) good in the world.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, I keep the small notebook I have in my jacket pocket. It may not hold as much, but I still can’t justify buying a palm. I’d rather buy a house, first, and until then I’d rather save my money.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, I have started carrying an 80 cent spiral bound 3″x5″ 75 sheet notebook with me everywhere I go and jotting down notes and grocery lists and the like in. I have a slightly larger notebook that I use for a weight lifting log which also winds up getting notes in it. I have another small one for when this one fills up already waiting.

  3. Anonymous

    I learned one rule of a great planner when I was at P&G: carry it everywhere you go. I take my Palm everywhere — to church (for notes, plus it contains my Bible), to the store (shopping lists), to doctor’s appointments (get things done while waiting), and on and on. It makes my life much more productive and I rarely forget anything (it’s written down) and since it’s small, it’s easy to use.

  4. Anonymous

    Everytime I see an Axim or a Palm TX or whatever, I want one. Then I realize I can’t take it into work and I really honestly don’t have a concrete reason for having one.

    I want one but I just can’t justify it.

    BTW, Blaine Moore and FMF are freaking comment FIENDS. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    I made the same move. After years of use, I concluded that neither Palm nor Windows CE is able to compete with the features of my paper system. Now I only use the handheld for contacts (and the occasional game) that I synch with my address book on the PC.

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