Back to Basics – Suggestions?

Given that I’ve now been at this for three years, I though that it might be time to go about an write a series of basic articles for financial newbies. I’m thinking of something along the lines of a “Back to Basics” series. While this might not be as useful for the personal finance veterans out there, I thought it would be especially good for those that are just starting out. With that in mind, I’m curious as to the types of basic financial articles that you think might be useful?

Please leave a comment or contact me directly with any suggestions.

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  1. Anonymous

    Here’s another suggestion. I’m currently struggling with this one:

    Frugal purchasing (and living in general) when you need to look like you have money.

    This is really important for single guys in our consumer oriented society where displaying wealth is way more important than actually having wealth.

  2. Anonymous

    HI I would be interested in some of the following:

    Pros/con of renting vs buying

    which is better pay down debt or save up emergency fund ie how to prioritize

    Grocery related posts aldi vs big chains target vs walmart etc

    how to pare back on school supplies

    529 vs roth ira for kids savings

    when best time to shop for items like winter clothes, summer etc

    ebay vs selling at used bookstore for cash

    opening up savings accounts for kids & getting them to be interested in compound interest. banks that promote kids savings…

    Having some money gifted to you with express wish of either being used as a down payment or for kids (3) college funds ages 13,9 and 3.

    csa vs farmers market


  3. Anonymous

    Maintaining a good credit score.

    Strategies for getting yourself out of consumer debt.

    Financial Record keeping/organization (keeping documents for possible tax write offs)

    Wills, Living wills, trusts, estate planning, Death Tax…

    Life Insurance – How much, when you need it, you don’t need policies on your kids…

  4. Anonymous

    Here’s one that I meant to write when I started Funny but haven’t managed to get around to: “Stay out of the herd.”

    As I recall, I wanted to talk about not jumping off the cliff just because all the other sheep jump off:

    * In purchasing STUFF because it’s in style or because friends just must have … [fill in the blank]

    * In making investment decisions based on what everyone else is doing (f’r example, real estate)

    * In believing what someone else says without looking it up and thinking it through.

    There were other aspects floating around, but i don’t recall them right this instant. Bet you can think of plenty more and better ideas than I can! The idea was not necessarily to be contrarian, but, well…not to be a sheep.

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been reading various money blogs for a few months now and have found the following newbie topics helpful.

    1) Tracking where your money goes.
    2) Creating a budget.
    3) Retirement (or why you should max your 401k and IRA).
    4) The goodness of index funds or why you probably won’t beat the market.
    5) Buying a house.
    6) Being nickel and dimed to death by small purchases (coffee, lunch, etc.)

  6. Nickel

    SomeGuy: Sorry I wasn’t more clear… I’m talking about financial basics, not blogging basics. Imodified the post to hopefully make this more clear. As for your blogging questions, I would suggest you drop by the MBN Forums.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m new to the PF blog scene and planning to make a series of posts on my blog for newbies by a newbie. A couple areas of interest:

    1) Getting eyeballs to your blog
    2) Staying anonymous
    3) Tech stuff like who are you hosting with

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