How to Set SMART Financial Goals

Your guide to setting SMART financial goals. We show you how to create goals that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Result-focused, and Time-bound. It’s fairly easy to set financial goals, if you think about it. “I want to be rich.” “I want to get out of debt.” “I want enough money to retire comfortably.” See? Easy. […]

How to Pay Off Your Debt The Fastest Way Possible

If you’re anything like the average American, your family is probably carrying somewhere close to $10k in credit card debt. For some of you, this number may even be (substantially) higher. Making the decision to tackle that high-interest debt once and for all is the first step toward transforming your finances forever. Knowing where to start, though, […]

Is Travel Insurance Worth the Cost?

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, any offer(s) below might be expired and no longer available. Every time you book a costly trip you’re faced with this question: Is travel insurance worth it? We help you answer this question. We also show you how you can get travel insurance for free. If you’ve booked […]

Balancing Career Satisfaction With Financial Security

Earlier this week, I attended a career development seminar that talked about how to find a satisfying career. In general, this was a pretty low-level presentation, and it was largely based on a diagram similar to the following: This got me thinking: is this simple graph really the key to “having it all?” What’s the […]

Tax Day is Here! Now, What Should You Do With That Money?

Well, April 18 has finally arrived, which means that we should all have our taxes filed, signed, and sealed by midnight tonight (unless, of course, you’ve filed for an extension). Whew! What a relief to have that done, right? While there’s quite a bit to be said for adjusting your withholdings to avoid a tax […]

Things to Consider When Applying for a Credit Card

Whether you’re applying for your first credit card or your tenth, there are key factors you should always consider. These include things like your credit score, income, and what you want out of a credit card. Your Creditworthiness The first thing to consider when applying for a credit card is your creditworthiness. Creditworthiness is a […]

2017 Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits

If you’re planning out the rest of this year’s finances, chances are you’re paying attention to the IRA contribution limits for 2017. As a reminder, the limits shown for 2017 are NOT the numbers you will use to file your 2016 taxes in the next couple of months (you’ll want the 2016 numbers for that). […]

A Review of the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card

*EDITOR’S NOTE: The below offer(s) are expired and/or no longer available. Looking for an easy-to-use rewards credit card that doesn’t make you think twice about bonus categories? One that earns you cash back no matter what you buy, with flexible redemption options? Well, the Chase Freedom Unlimited may be a great option for you. The […]