Four Good Ways to Maintain Good Savings Habits After the Recession

Many people got religion about saving money during the recent recession. This reversed a trend of steadily climbing U.S. debt burdens–or is it just a temporary pause in that trend? The answer depends largely on whether people continue the good savings habits they acquired during the recession. You may not be able to do anything […]

Are You a Spender or a Saver at Heart?

Whether you tend to save money or overspend is largely determined by your financial habits. Have you ever noticed that good financial habits come much more naturally to some people than to others? It’s not all in your mind, but that’s the starting point when it comes to saving. Psychologically, some people are just more […]

What Inflation Will Do to Your Retirement Savings

One of the ways 2009 made history was by having the most sustained episode of deflation since the 1950s. As the year progressed, however, it was clear that inflation was making a comeback. This emerging trend should be a reminder that planning for inflation is critical to your retirement savings plan. How inflation affects retirement […]