The Upside of Costly Gas

I’m sure that by now many (most?) of you are sick of hearing about gas prices, but I thought I’d throw in my own two cents anyway. According to a recent AP news article, high gas prices have resulted in an increased reliance on public transportation. If this turns out to be a real (and […]

Turn $1/Day into $67, 815

There’s a nice (albeit very simplistic) article over on MSN Money illustrating how you can turn a dollar a day in $67, 815. Nothing magic here… Just the old ‘tuck a buck a day away, ‘ but it’s still a good reminder. Simply save an average of a dollar per day in spare change and […]

Online Financial Statements

I wrote previously about how online banking is rapidly becoming the norm, and I thought I’d post a quick example of how much of an impact online access has had on my family’s finances. Just the other day we signed up to receive online statements from our bank, thereby completing our transition to 100% online […]

The Best Dollar(s) that I’ve Ever Spent

A few weeks ago, I taught my son to ride his bike. After too many episodes of running up and down the street holding onto his seat while trying to teach him how to ride, I finally wised up. We live on a slight incline and I told him that he needed to practice coasting […]

A Quick Citi Update

Editor’s Note: This offer expired and is no longer available. I posted previously about the good experiences that I’ve had with CitiBank, but neglected to mention one nice feature of their reward cards. Once the promotional offers of 5% off of everything run out, a number of their cards continue to offer 5% off of […]

Citi has Been Very Good to Me

Editor’s Note: These offers have expired and are no longer available. Prior to this past November, I had never done business with CitiBank. But since that time I’ve developed a rather profitable relationship with them. When it comes to credit card rewards, Citi is among the most generous companies in the industry, frequently offering cards […]

Hotties Make the Big Bucks

According to a recent news report, the Federal Reserve has concluded that ‘good looking’ people tend to make more money. In fact, there is evidence of a ‘plainness penalty’ of up to 9%, and a ‘beauty premium’ of up to 5%. In other words, the unattractive make as much as 9% less than people with […]

Make Direct Transfers out of ING

I wrote earlier about maxing out your Roth IRA, and I just thought I’d post a quick followup regarding how I actually moved the money directly from our savings account at ING Direct ($25 account opening bonus) to my IRA without an intermediary. As anyone with an ING Direct account is likely to know, you […]

Google Stock Quotes

Google now provides real-time stock quotes, an intraday chart, and some other data at the top of the results page whenever you search for a ticker symbol. Note that the most obvious quote that they provide is delayed by fifteen minutes, but they also provide a real-time ECN below the chart. This provides a very […]

Max that Roth!

Aside from being the day your taxes are due, April 15th of each year marks the cutoff for IRA contributions for the previous year. And I’m here to tell that if there’s anyway possible that you might have the money to contribute to a Roth IRA before the deadline in any given year, then you […]