The Top (and Bottom) Jobs in the US has posted a list of the ten best and ten worst jobs in America. Given that their criteria included things such as income, stress, physical demands, outlook, security and work environment, it’s not terribly surprising that the ‘best’ list is full of mostly white collar, office-type jobs whereas the ‘worst’ list is riddled with […]

More on (Moron?) Leaky Toilet Repair

As much as it sucked to have to fix our leaky toilet twice, doing it a third time actually wasn’t that bad. When I wrote yesterday that I had fixed the problem, I spoke too soon. Last night when I returned from work my wife informed me that the throw rug in the bathroom was […]

The Fine Art of Fixing a Leaky Toilet

Few things in life suck more than fixing a leaky toilet on a Friday night. But re-repairing it the next day certainly isn’t any better… The other day I noticed that we had some water leaking out from under the toilet in our kids’ bathroom, and it soon became apparent that the wax ring that […]

The Salary Theorem

Postulate 1: Knowledge is Power. Postulate 2: Time is Money. As anyone who has had a physics class knows: Power = Work / Time. And since Knowledge = Power (Postulate 1) and Time = Money (Postulate 2)… It is therefore true that: Knowledge = Work / Money. Solving for Money, we get: Money = Work […]

A Penny Saved is Two Pennies Earned

In his book The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need (an excellent read, by the way), Andrew Tobias spends a chapter talking about the fact that, after you factor in state, federal, social security, and sales taxes, every dollar you earn is only worth about $0.50 (depending on your tax bracket). Thus, he argues that […]

Kids & Money: Learning to Save

I just ran across a report from Montana State University on teaching your kids about finances. It’s a bit over a year old, but it’s short and worth a read. According to the article, only 7% of parents think that their kids understand financial matters (however that’s defined) and 30% of kids report that their […]

US Petroleum Reserve Nearly Full

According to a recent AP report, the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is nearly full for the first time since its inception 30 years ago. This is definitely good news, as it gives the country a bit of added security in the event of a future supply disruption. But will the end of stockpiling in August […]

Fifteen Dumbest Money Moves

CNN/Money has compiled a list of fifteen of what they consider to be especially dumb money moves, along with a smart(er) alternative for each. Have you committed any of these monetary sins? Read on to find out…

Be on the Lookout for Medical Billing Errors

About two weeks ago we received a medical bill from a local hospital for some lab work for my son. When I opened the bill I was shocked to see that we owed a princely sum. I was under the impression that we’re on the hook for 10% on diagnostics with no deductible, yet the […]

You’re Doing Better Than You Think

Feeling down on your luck? Want to feel better about your financial situation? Then drop by the Global Rich List, enter your annual salary, and prepare to be amazed at how well off you really are. I have no idea how accurate the numbers are, but we’re well within the top 1%. Of course, that […]