Lending Club Update – August 2012

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated our Lending Club performance so I thought I’d share some details. As you may be aware, we’ve been winding down our holdings there, though we still have a decent chunk of money there (around $2k) and it’s still performing reasonably well. Last March our portfolio looked like this: 266 […]

Mobile Check Deposit Experiences

This is just a quick followup to my recent post about Bank of America’s mobile check deposit service. As I noted in that post, I deposited checks to both Bank of America and ING Direct on Sunday evening. As they always do, I received an e-mail confirming receipt of the deposit by ING Direct almost […]

Bank of America Adds Mobile Check Deposit

As a followup to last week’s post noting that Vanguard had added remote check deposit, I wanted to point out that Bank of America has also (finally!) added this functionality. In fact, they rolled this out for both iOS and Android a couple of weeks ago and I completely missed it. I had a few […]

How to Value Your Charitable Donations

Over the weekend I spent some time scanning and shredding my backlog of financial paperwork. While doing this, I ran across a document from the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program explaining how to value donations for tax purposes. Given that there are a few wrinkles, I thought I’d write up some general guidelines. As a reminder, […]

Possible $75 Cashback Bonus for Current Discover Cardholders

My pal Jim over at Bargaineering recently wrote about a $75 cashback offer that he received from Discover. What’s remarkable about this offer is that it’s associated with a card that he’s had for over a decade as opposed to being a signup bonus. All he has to do is spend $1k on this card […]

Vanguard Adds Mobile Check Investment

Interesting. I was just messing around with my iPhone when I noticed that Vanguard updated their app with “Mobile Check Investment.” In other words, you can now snap a picture of a check and invest it in an eligible account. This is similar to the remote deposit functionality introduced by a number of banks. The […]

Job Interview Mistakes

Over the years I’ve interviewed a significant number of people for various positions. Some are good, others are bad. But I just had a guy totally blow an interview so I thought I’d share some thoughts. This guys looked solid on paper. But in person? Wow. Just really, really bad. Here are three major interview […]

Free Museum Visits

If you like museums and you enjoy getting a good deal, then be sure to circle September 29th, 2012 on your calendar. Why? Because that’s when you can get free admission to select museums as part of Smithsonian Magazine’s “Museum Day” promotion. You’ll need to check to see if any of your favorite museums are […]

Everybody Wants Your Money

While booking a flight reservation for an upcoming business trip the other day (with my trusty Amex Delta Platinum, of course) I was reminded of the fact that just about everybody wants your money. Not only that, but they’re willing to dream up some pretty bad deals in hopes of getting a piece of it. […]

The Importance of Financial Education

Earlier today I ran across an interesting article over at Time/Moneyland. In it, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was quoted during a Federal Reserve Town Hall Meeting as saying that: “My best guess is that our kids will be better off than we are.” But that optimistic view was accompanied by concerns over financial literacy and […]