California Prepares for the “Amazon Tax”

As I noted a little over a month ago, it’s just a matter of time before we’ll all be compelled to pay sales tax on our online purchases. In fact, for Californians, that day will come later in the week. Though California residents, like most of us, have technically been required to pay a sales […]

Invent a Credit Card Rewards Program, Win $100

Here’s a bit of Friday afternoon fun for you… is running a contest called where they ask readers to invent a crazy new credit card reward program — and they’re giving away a $100 Amex gift card to the winner. To enter, simply “Like” their Facebook page and write your proposed card name on […]

Bike Sharing

I recently had the chance to visit Washington, DC on business. While there, I noticed something new (or at least new to me)… The “Capital Bikeshare” program. This is similar to ZipCar (albeit for bikes), which I likewise discovered while on a trip to DC (though that was years ago). In short, they have over […]

Funding an IRA with Your Lunch Money

I’ve tackled this general topic in the past, but I recently ran across an article on Time Moneyland talking about about the financial impact of packing your lunch instead of eating out. Back when I first wrote about this, I mused that if I could save just $3.50/workday ($70/month) and invested it at an 8% […]

Happy Labor Day!

This is just a quick note to wish all of you a happy and relaxing Labor Day. If you’re curious about how/why Labor Day came into existence, I recommend taking a look at the Department of Labor’s page on the History of Labor Day. Or just shut your brain off, toss some meat on the […]

Bank of America Simplifies Disclosures

It’s sad that this is newsworthy, but… Bank of America has apparently streamlined their account disclosure forms, distilling pages and pages of account policies and fee listings down to one page (technically two printed pages since it’s front-back). Such disclosure changes have been advocated by the Pew Charitable Trust, who found back in April 2011 […]

Do You Buy Refurbished Items?

Earlier this week I ran across an interesting post over at The Finance Buff. In it, TFB wondered aloud about whether the refurbished Kindle that he bought was really a refurb, or if Amazon was just using the “refurbished” moniker as an excuse to sell some units at a lower price. In general terms, the […]

Things to Know Before the Hurricane Hits

I’ve always been fascinated by the weather. It should thus come as no surprised that my eyes are glued to the TV (or web) whenever a hurricane approaches land. The last few days have been no exception, as Isaac made his way across the Gulf and took aim for Louisiana. With that as a backdrop, […]

Avoiding Credit Card Scammers

While at lunch today, I received an e-mail that was purportedly from Chase — but it wasn’t. This isn’t a particularly noteworthy occurrence in that I (like most of you) receive credit card phishing attempts all the time. But this one slipped through the spam filters and it looked quite real. The message state that […]

Chase Sapphire Preferred 40k Point Bonus

I’ve written in the past about the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. At the time, they were offering a 25k point signup bonus that could be redeemed for $250 cash or $312.50 in travel rewards. Well, now they’ve sweetened the pot. As of right now, if you apply for this card (and are approved) you’ll be […]