New Best Buy Price Matching Policy

This past Saturday morning, I awoke to kids who were anxious to get out of the house and spend a bit of their allowance money. They’d been planning on buying some new video games and we had Saturday mostly free so they wanted to make it happen. While I usually encourage them to shop around […]

The (Currently) Most Overvalued Assets

Earlier this week I ran across an interesting article on overvalued assets. In it, the author highlighted what, in his opinion are currently the three most overvalued asset classes. Care to guess what they were? For starters, I’ll tell you a couple of things that weren’t on the list: stocks and gold. While the stock […]

Handling a Financial Windfall

As a followup to my recent post about how athletes go broke, I wanted to highlight a recent article by Linda Stern. In it, Stern looked at steps to take if you’re fortunate enough to be the recipient of a major financial windfall. This advice applies equally well to those who have inked a major […]

Free Book About Social Security

This is just a quick note to let you know that Mike Piper from Oblivious Investor has published another book in his “…in 100 Pages or Less” personal finance series. This one, which is called “Social Security Made Simple, ” is aimed at helping you get the most out of your Social Security benefits. I’m […]

How Athletes (and Others) Go Broke

I just ran across an interesting interview with former NBA player Jalen Rose. In it, he discussed how it is that pro athletes wind up going broke despite their ultra-rich contracts. “You want to buy your mom that house, you want to buy your dad that truck, you want to have your brothers and sisters […]

Another Retirement Rule of Thumb

Time for another retirement rule of thumb… According to Fidelity investments, you should have saved 8x your annual (final) salary by the time you reach age 67 if you want to replace 85% of your pre-retirement income in retirement. To stay on track for this, you should have saved 1x your income by age 35, […]

Financial Planning Days

Throughout the month of October — assuming you live in or near a participating city — you can get free financial help from a CFP as part of the CFP Board’s “Financial Planning Days.” In short, volunteer CFPs are providing extended workshops on a wide variety of topics. Many of these “Financial Planning Days” will […]

Winning the McDonald’s Monopoly Game

This is a bit random, but… Our two oldest kids had early morning doctor’s appointments today so my wife and I took them to McDonald’s for breakfast on the way from there to school. As you may or may not be aware, ’tis the season for the McDonald’s Monopoly game, which is probably their most […]

Discover Gets a CFPB Smackdown

Earlier this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) delivered a smack down to Capital One. More specifically, they made CapOne refund nearly $150M to consumers and $60M in fines. Well, just this week they struck again. This time the target was Discover. The penalty? $200M in refunds to 3.5M customers — and average of […]

Upromise Check Request Followup

This is just a quick followup to my post from a couple of months ago in which described the process of requesting a check from Upromise. In it, I noted that they send checks quarterly, on March 16th, June 15th, September 14th, and December 14th. Over this past weekend, an envelope from Upromise showed up […]