Financial Forgiveness

You are probably harder on yourself than anyone else is. You might still be blaming yourself (and feeling ashamed) for mistakes you made years ago. Here’s proof: Do you tell yourself that you are stuck now because you made the “wrong” career choice 20 years ago? Do you feel rotten about the spending binge you […]

Over 50 and Need a Job?

It’s frightening to be out of work at any age, but it can be terrifying if you’re in your mid-50’s and unemployed. This is especially true if you are tapping into your emergency savings, or facing other financial hardships. But if you are in that age range and out of a job right now, or […]

How Much Will You Spend in Retirement?

When people share their retirement plans with me, they often assume that they’ll be able to reduce their spending once they retire. At first glance, this seems reasonable. After all (they tell themselves) they won’t have to support the kids anymore and the house will be paid for. And the media encourages people to think […]

How to Hire the Perfect Business or Life Coach for Free

You will benefit in unimaginable ways if you hire a great business or life coach. I don’t care if you are trying to get rid of credit card debt, fix your marriage, or start saving for retirement. You can hire a great coach. And the good news is that the very best coaches will gladly […]

Husband Cancels Life Insurance, Wife Divorces Husband

Divorcing someone just because they cancel their life insurance policy? Is that a reasonable thing to do? The idea stunned me when I first read the e-mail. I figured there had to be more to the story, and there probably was. But as I read Melinda’s e-mail, I realized that when her husband canceled that […]

The Law of Attraction

I may have no right to post this article. A few years ago, there was a huge mega best seller movie and book called “The Secret” which I never read or saw. But to this day, I have huge problems with it. As I said, I haven’t read the book or even seen the movie. […]

How Much Do You Owe Your Children?

I have to admit… I don’t have a definite answer for this one. My wife and I have different views on this. Generally, my wife thinks we owe the kids everything we can possibly provide for them. She came from a family that didn’t have much and had to struggle. She wants to make sure […]

Marriage and Money: Is Your House Divided?

If you and your spouse (or partner) define “frugality” differently, it could lead to major problems in your relationship. For example, you might think that going to Quicky Mart for a frozen yogurt is a nice little treat. But if your “other half” thinks it’s a lavish and extravagant waste of money, then you’ve got […]

Do What You Love: A Sure Fire Recipe for Small Business Disaster

Even though the economy is challenging, you might be looking to change your career. Maybe you’ve even thought about opening your own business. I’m with you. But tread carefully. Common wisdom can be both helpful and dangerous. For example, it tells us that most small businesses fail because they don’t have enough cash flow or […]

You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor

With all the uncertainty in the economy, you might be asking yourself if you need a financial advisor. I’m a financial advisor so I make my living when people ask this question and decide that they do. But even so, I can tell you that not everyone needs an advisor. Here are some ideas to […]