How I cut my spending in half to take a job I loved

This article, by Ainslie Simmonds, as told to Libby Kane, comes from our partner site LearnVest. In 2009,  I was a very senior executive celebrating my fourth anniversary at a brokerage firm.  I was working about 70 hours a week, managing 80 people and traveling to the company’s other offices (two of which were cross-country) 3-4 days […]

Overdraft fees soared to $32 billion in 2012

This post, written by Anthony Fontana, is from out partner site Nobody likes wasting money, do they? Actually, according to a news report from Moebs Services, banks, credit unions and thrift institutions made $32 billion on overdraft fees in 2012. That’s right, $32, 000, 000, 000! That’s a lot of zeros. The 2012 numbers represent […]

The cost of clean water

This post, written by Aaron Brandt, comes to us from our partner site In order to survive, we need water. However, the water we drink could actually harm us. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tap water can contain contamination from natural chemicals and minerals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, pesticides and even sewage overflow. […]

How to prepare for a home appraisal

This post is written by John Allasio and comes to us from our partner site Right now is the most popular time for people to buy a home, and if you’re looking to sell or refinance your home, one of the things you’ll have to deal with is the appraisal. If your appraisal doesn’t […]

Passive solar homes: the basics

This post is written by Krissy Schwab and comes from our partner site At one point you’ve probably driven through a neighborhood and seen a house covered with solar panels on the roof. This type of home, known as an active solar home, simply has the addition of solar panels to the already existing structure. However, some […]

The unemployment diet: How we cut our spending by $1, 000 a month

This post is by Deborah Dunham and comes from our partner site LearnVest,  a site that helps people take control of their finances. One Tuesday morning last November my husband called from work and told me to sit down—and not get mad. Whenever a phone call starts that way, you just know it’s not going to end […]

Bitcoin virtual currency taking off, gaining popularity

This post is from Miranda Marquit at our partner site One of the more interesting currencies gaining ground right now is Bitcoin. This is a digital currency that provides users with a way to pay each other directly, without transaction fees. But,  as Gizmodo explains, it’s not quite so straightforward. Ultimate fiat currency Fiat means […]

Meet Jim, my millionaire next door

This guest post is from William Cowie, who has contributed to Get Rich Slowly and other personal finance blogs. He also blogs about investing and offers a free Investing Basics course on Bite the Bullet Investing. Like little ants, we moved and hustled all day, nine years ago, settling into our new house. We didn’t […]

If you were rich, how frugal would you be?

This post is from staff writer Suba Iyer. “What is now proved was once only imagined.” – William Blake Most of us embrace frugality to save money. Typically though, there are a few areas where we wish we could spend more. If you come into a windfall, depending on the amount, you might not be as […]

Why hiring a career coach was the best thing I ever did

This post is by Anne Greenwood, as told to Colleen Oakley and comes from our partner site LearnVest,  a site that helps people take control of their finances. As the head of client development — and one of the very few women in a managing role — at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, I had a […]