Buying the Right Snow Blower

This post comes from Aaron Brandt at our partner site It’s time to face facts. It is now December. It is going to snow. And you need to be prepared to dig your way out of whatever icy mayhem this winter offers. Sure, you can toil away in the elements with a shovel, or you […]

Five apps to protect your identity this holiday season

This post comes from Anthony Fontana at our partner site It wasn’t too long ago that shopping actually required people to get off the couch and fight through crowds at the mall. That isn’t the case anymore. In fact, online shopping is easier than ever. Just last week I bought two pairs of jeans […]

Bank Review: CIT Bank

Information found on this page is not current. Please visit CIT Bank. If yours is a small business or middle-market company, one source you may turn to for financing or leasing capital is CIT Group, a 105-year-old New York City-based firm. CIT Bank, a division of CIT Group, Inc., is an FDIC-insured institution that assists […]

Capital One 360 Bank review

Capital One has been a major player in the credit-card arena. They expanded into the retail-banking space by acquiring three regional banks — Hibernia, North Fork and Chevy Chase Bank. They became one of the ten largest banks in the nation based on deposits after acquiring ING Direct. ING Direct was one of the most […]

Bank review: American Express Bank

American Express is a brand that is almost synonymous with credit cards, but in recent years they have also built a sizable base of deposit customers. By offering very competitive online savings rates, American Express Bank has grown its deposits from $7.2 billion to $26.5 billion in just five years. American Express Bank is part of […]

10 Credit Card Pitfalls To Avoid This Holiday Shopping Season

This post comes from Lindsay Meredith at our partner site The holiday shopping season will be in full swing before you know it, and, if you’re like many Americans, you’ll be making your special purchases with a credit card. After all, credit cards are a safe and convenient way to shop, plus they off […]

End of year brings changes in mortgage industry

This article comes from Anthony Fontana from the Quicken Loans Zing! blog. For some of us, the end of 2013 just signals the beginning of 2014. Not a whole lot changes aside from writing 2014 at the end of a date. However, the end of this year is different. Why, you ask? Because FHA loan […]

How to contribute to school fundraisers without breaking the bank

This post comes from Cathy at our partner site It’s Back to School season, and that means it’s also time for school fundraisers to start. Most schools have at least a few fundraisers. And many schools have an overwhelming number of fundraisers. Here are some tips on how to handle those (seemingly endless) requests […]

New credit card rewards program pays your other debts

This guest post by Miranda Marquit originally appeared on our partner site When many of us think of credit card rewards programs, we think of earning cash back, or building up miles that can be used for travel. But what if your credit card rewards went toward paying off some of your other debts? […]

The mistake that plunged my credit score 200 points

In the fall of 2011, I went on an episode of “The Suze Orman Show” to ask her how to repair my credit, and I knew I was in big trouble when she told me there was nothing she could do. I had figured, there must always be ways to raise your credit score. Little did I know […]