Five Tips for Thrift Shopping Success

You drive by the Salvation Army store every day, but you probably never stop in. Maybe you shop at Goodwill for some old clothes for a Halloween costume, but wouldn’t think of going there for anything else. Well, maybe it’s time to change your shopping habits and make thrift stores part of your routine. With […]

Six Ways to Save Money on Your Garden

When most people plant a garden, visions of cornucopia overflowing with luscious vegetables fill their heads. They imagine feeding nutritious, delicious meals straight from the garden to their eager families. Skip the produce department at the supermarket, Honey, this summer we’re eating homegrown! Yeah, right. The truth is a home garden rarely yields tasty, inexpensive […]

Six Ways Kids Can Earn Extra Money

Kids have earned money for generations by selling lemonade, walking neighbors’ dogs, and mowing lawns. Those ideas still work, but maybe your kids want something a little more clever or out-of-the-box. Here are six unconventional ways kids can make money. Grow plants Every spring homeowners around the country dig holes in their yards and insert […]

Six Ways to Teach Your Kids To Be Money Savvy

You’ll teach your kids thousands of lessons as they’re growing up, but make sure you don’t overlook one key area: how they can be money savvy. Kids who learn the value of money when they’re little are far more likely to make smart financial decisions as adults. They’ll thank you for those lessons one day! […]