Seven Graduation Presents That Won’t Clobber the College Fund

As my 17-year-old son approaches his high school graduation, all sorts of expenses are aiming for my wallet. But I’m deflecting one commonly overlooked graduation expense: Gifts for the half dozen or so graduates who will invite us to their open houses. Cash is the standard graduation gift these days, but face it, cash is […]

Six Ways to Save on Spring Cleaning

Those warm breezes blowing in your window make you think about spring cleaning, don’t they? If the outdoors world is smelling fresh, you want your house to smell fresh, too! But there’s no need to run out and buy the costly cleaning supplies and equipment you see on the TV ads. Here are six ways […]

Eight Tips for Raising Money-Dumb Kids

Lots of articles try to convince you that raising money-smart kids is a good idea, but you know better. Who wants kids who limit their immediate gratification by putting money in a savings account? And every parent knows life is a lot better if you shut your screaming kid up by buying her everything she […]

Seven Times NOT to Use Coupons

Coupons always seem like such a great deal. Who can resist 50 cents off that box of mac and cheese? But is using coupons always a good idea? No. Here are seven times you might want to holster those scissors and shop without coupons: 1) When the coupon isn’t the best deal. Sometimes the store […]

Timing is Everything: Five Ways Timing Can Make a Difference in Your Bottom Line

You’ve heard the cliché: timing is everything. Well, guess what, the cliché is true. When you know the best time to buy something, whether it’s a car or your favorite booze, you can save serious money. Here are five examples of timing that can pay off… 1. When obsolescence looms Few retailers want to stock […]

Six Ways to Save Money at Work

You probably think of work as a place to earn money, but you also spend a lot of money because of work — on clothes, food, transportation, and other items. If you’re not careful, your earnings can take a hit from these expenses. Here are six ways to trim the expenses related to the workplace: […]

Six Cheap Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Winter

Cabin fever might not be diagnosed in medical textbooks, but any parent knows it can be a serious illness on cold winter days! When the shine wears off the holiday gifts and the bored kids start bouncing off the walls, everyone can go crazy. Here are six ways parents can battle cabin fever while barely […]

Eight Ways to Save Money When Eating at a Restaurant

Eating out is fun, relaxing, tasty…and darn expensive! The current tough economic times have forced a lot of people to trim their dining budgets, but it’s a hard thing to give up altogether. So in the spirit of indulgence — but within a budget — here are eight tips for saving money at the restaurant: […]

Five Fiscal New Years Resolutions for Families

New Years resolutions usually involve losing weight, quitting smoking, etc. Instead, this year use your resolutions to help put your financial house in order. Doing that won’t help you fit into that pair of skinny jeans or improve your breath, but it will fatten up your wallet and improve your financial outlook. Here are five […]

The Ethics of Saving Money

You’re probably working through your holiday gift list about now, and you might be realizing that your budget is going to be pretty tight. How far would you go to stretch that budget? Questions of ethics rarely enter the shopping realm. When it comes to saving money, what’s not to like? After all, in these […]