What Is Vesting and Why Should You Care?

Vesting refers to the act of becoming fully entitled in an employer’s retirement fund, pension plan, stock options, or other related assets. The vested assets that you have can never be taken away from you. Money that has not vested, however, is lost when you leave the company. So it’s critical that you understand the […]

Review of Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless claims to offer excellent phones and service at rock bottom prices. In this Republic Wireless review, we put these claims to the test. Mobile devices were supposed to free us from the tethers of landlines. Unfortunately, many wireless plans can leave us tethered to expensive contracts and oppressive terms. This is why contract-free […]

How To Tell if a Credit Card Annual Fee is Worth It

The best credit cards often come with annual fees. From $59 to $450, these hefty fees can set you back a pretty penny. Here are six questions to ask to determine if a credit card annual fee is worth it. Credit cards that come with annual fees usually dangle some pretty impressive perks in front […]

How to Assume a Car Lease (And Pocket Some Cash)

Taking over a car lease can be a great way to get your next car. While there are many advantages, however, there are some things to watch for. We’ll cover how to take over a lease, some resources to help you out, and the pros and cons of taking over a car lease. You may […]

5 Ways to Build Credit Without a Credit Card

Building good credit has many benefits. It helps you get low rate loans and approved for an apartment rental, just to name two. It can be a challenge, though, to build credit without a credit card. Here are five ways to do it. Americans’ credit scores are on the rise. Not everyone is necessarily cheering […]

How to Find the Best Car Insurance for Teens

Adding a teenager to a car insurance policy is costly. If done correctly, however, there are ways to reduce those costs. Here are 5 ways to find the best car insurance for teens. Having a teen who can drive is a big adjustment. There’s helping them learn to drive and the worrying when they are […]

What Happens to My Debt if I Die

Debt is a challenge to many in this life. But what happens to your debt when you die? The answer depends on a number of factors, including where you live, the type of debt, and whether a debt is secured. Nobody likes the idea of leaving their loved ones saddled with debt when they pass […]

8 Tips to Make the Most Out of Business Travel

Business travel has its pros and cons. At first, it can be exciting to hit the road on your employer’s dime. Eventually, however, it can become tedious. The good news is it’s easy to make the most of business travel. Business travel doesn’t have to feel like work if you do it the right way. […]

Should You Buy Savings Bonds for the Grandchildren?

One of the best parts of being a grandparent is doing thoughtful things for your grandchildren. In addition to spoiling them with the latest gadgets, fun vacations, or simple trips out for ice cream, you also want to give them gifts for their future. This is why savings bonds have been a popular choice with […]

Don’t Sign a Lease Without Asking Your Landlord These 8 Questions

Getting a new place can be an exciting process. It can also require some savvy thinking and careful planning. It’s important for renters to take steps to protect their own interests and financial reputations. This is especially true when dealing with landlords and leases. The truth is that what’s written in the fine print really […]