Another Stimulus Check? Second Time is the Charm

Speaking to a crowd at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, Barack Obama began outlining his economic plan. Proposals included tax relief for seniors and the middle class, debt relief for students, extended unemployment benefits, the establishment of a $10 billion foreclosure prevention fund, and (get this)…

A second round of stimulus checks.

In response to concerns over the struggling economy, Obama said:

That’s why I’ve called for another round of fiscal stimulus, an immediate $50 billion to help those who’ve been hit hardest by this economic downturn – Americans who have lost their jobs, their homes, and are facing rising costs and cutbacks in state and local services like education and health care.

He further stated that his proposals would be funded through a “pay as you go system, ” wherein the revenue generated from slashing corporate tax breaks, eliminating tax loopholes, and taxing big-oil profits would be used to pay for the plan.


57 Responses to “Another Stimulus Check? Second Time is the Charm”

  1. Anonymous

    Glad I got the check. I needed it to get a new washer and dryer. Paying off my credit card and raising my credit score was nice, too. It’s funny. We are the most powerful country in the world, yet our people are struggling with money because of our greedy government. Thank god Bush is gone.

  2. Anonymous

    im in favor of a second many of us are struggling . with the bailing out the big companies wouldnt it have made sense to bail out the little people also, wouldnt that have help stimulate the economy. ( just a though)

  3. Anonymous

    It would make alot of people very happy to get a 2nd stimulus check. But I don’t think the averge joe will ,only the elderly on S.S will. Not that they don’t need it because they do.. I think that Obama should have made it clear. Alot of this country can’t read and don’t understand what was said on tv. And those are the ones that will realy suffer,from all the hopla around the Question of a 2nd check.

  4. Anonymous

    I was supposed to have gotten back $1,500.00 the last stimulus check and only got back $678.00, so i was told by an H&R Block representative that i would get it with my regular income tax check. when I went to file with the same place a different lady there said that she was told by her supervisor that they had to write it up as if I got the whole $1,500.00. Needless to say I never recieved that remaining $1,322.00, So am I not gonna get it? Also are we suppose to recieve another stimulus check? Thanks for your time…-ME

  5. Anonymous

    first of all, you won’t be getting a second rebate check. What will happen is, you will get your payroll tax cut, where employers will withhold less in taxes. You will see a change in your paycheck withholding. Giving you an additional $8 to $10 a week. By spending this money, even in just buying that purse, or,shoes, or just eating out, means, this money your spending, will be flowing back into the economy.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey!…i think a second stimulus check is a fabulous idea, im a junkie living in nyc and the first check got me a few bundles of heroin and some crack too…
    the second will def get me high as a kite , im sure of it..
    so leave poor Obama alone and let him do his thing
    so i can do mine :p

  7. Anonymous

    Does anybody know for sure if we are going to get a Stimulus Check in `09? Thanks!! What about us people that have been layed off since last year and our unemployment ran out? You don`t hear the SOB`s talking about helping us do ya????? I want a check and a big one at that!

  8. Anonymous

    I think that the stimulus check is a great idea. I am married to a disabled Vietnam veteran and I feel like, after fighting for our country in an uncalled for war, he deserves that stimulus. When we got ours last year all we did with it was pay our bills, buy school clothes for my sons, buy food, and do some needed repairs to our house. I don’t feel like that’s spending the money foolishly. I guess that, since my husband isn’t a taxpayer any more, President Obama don’t feel like he deserves the money. My husband don’t choose not to work. If it was up to him he would, but the diabetes, heart condition, and other severe problems keeps him from it. I can’t because of my epilepsy and other problems. So I guess we should be shut out just because we can’t file taxes? I hope not. We aren’t looking for a hand out. We are looking for someone to care about the disabled veterans that fought for this country.

  9. Anonymous

    I think that a second stimulus check would be a blessing. I’m a young mother, that is struggling with the everyday life. I’ve never had anything handed to me. Not a car, not money, not anything. I don’t think this would hurt our economy one bit. yes, it would make it easier right now and things will get better in the future.

  10. Anonymous

    I understand that it can be hard to pay you bills or put food on the table, but what we need to do is look at the long-term, the big picture. Currently we have the largest debt in the world, and we are giving out free checks… It doesn’t make sense, period. Inflation is high, so we’re pumping more money into the economy… It doesn’t make sense. We do need the economy to be stimulated, but not artificially so. Job creation is what we need to stimulate the economy, not money creation. Bring back our industrial sector that we’ve outsourced. Lets keep our imports low, and our exports high. Lets stop giving people a check, and start giving people a means to support themselves for their future. A stimulus check is, at best a temporary solution, that really just worsens the problem. Stimulus checks haven’t stimulated the economy. They’ve been used to pay off debt and/or bills. They don’t work. They don’t work. They don’t work. It may make your lives a little easier right now, but if we continue this nonsense we’ll all really see what a depression can be.

  11. Anonymous

    Well maybe if the goverment would crack harder on the dead beat dads who wont pay support, maybe us single moms would have the chance to survive. Its sad children are growing up without father figures due to the immature behavers. I am a single mom to 2 beautiful boys. Its sad how the world ends up. And It makes me sick to people who have no kids and the whine and complain of paying taxes. Oh so sad you all need tissues. If you dont have any kids then you should pay. Quit thinking of your selves. Babies always come first. So grow up and act your age, oviously there are reasons why we all pay taxes. And just because you are poor and have kids , Is’nt the problem, you go moms and dont let some selfish guy hurt your feelings he probley couldn’t find a woman to want to carry his child. Its arrogant guys like that, that dont deserve the chance to be fathers. As you all see GOD has not gave him that pleasure. We all are GODS children thats why we have our babies. GO SINGLE MOMS. Dont be ashamed to ask for help. All single parents rock. There’s dads out there too. Not all moms are the greatest. No offense to Dads cause there are some out there that are the BEST DADS . Love you all.

  12. Anonymous

    I picked ‘Option B’, the hard way (Rundown). I started out working for $1.85 an hour, punching a time card, and walking 45 minutes each way to get there and back. That was what I made in 1973, 74, 75, 76, and 77. In ’78, I started getting $2 an hour for ALL 48 hours I worked each week. In ’79 I landed a $1000 a month salary job and was in high heaven. Gas was only $1.30 a gallon for my 15 mpg used car the following year. By ’99, I was lead engineer over a product generating $80 Million a year revenue, that I created from scratch. I was making a $60k salary back then. Now ,I drive a nice vehicle and live in a very nice house and have some savings but I have only missed 3 months of full time or more work in the last 31 years, including during the 6.7 years I spent in night school getting my degree on top of working 6 days a week, full time. I am a Republican because Jimmy Carter marginally wanted taxes of 33% of that $1000 a month I was making, back in ’79. As far as wanting to keep what I have, Yes I do. None of it came as easy as things have for most of the people who might want me to give mine to them. Obama is only going to add $975 taxes a year to a couple making $603,000 a year.

  13. Anonymous

    From what I am reading, it seems that the rich want to stay rich. I am a student and recently got laid off my job due to a stupid redneck REPLUBLICAN person who calls himself a President. I would be happy to receive another check from the government. It is stupid that they bail out the rich people and not those who really need it.
    You rich people think you are so great, well if it wasn’t for them bailing you out you would be down here with the poor people. Oh what a shame that would be huh?
    Maybe the rich need to be taught a lesson about the value of money. I bet they would be saying different if they were going through tough times like the rest of us.

  14. Anonymous

    I am married with 2 children. My husband and I both work full time.I am just a cna and he is employed with the city where we live in Ga. We do not get any type of assistance because we supposedly ” make to much “. I don’t see how.We are living check to check barely paying bills. My husband makes descent money but after taxes and health insurance his checks really are’nt that great. I think it would be nice to receive a second stimulus check.I live in a town where we don’t have buses or trains and cabs cost way to much. So we need our cars to get around .A second check would really come in handy just to catch up on some bills and maintain the cars we do have (which are not new). It’s going to be a sad christmas this year if something something happen.

  15. Anonymous

    I am 35 years old and married without any children. (not by choice) We both work full-time and are considered upper middle class. I definitely agree with disbursing a second stimulus check to help our economy, even knowing I will not be recieving a check I still agree. How dare people like Tim and Heather speak for the middle class. I am ashamed to be in the same category as them. I believe in helping “our” country, I believe in paying taxes to help educate “our” next generation, I beleive in helping out “our” community and most importantly I believe in the Bible, as it states “it is a sin to be rich”! How do these people sleep at night knowing there are many people near them that needs their help. I am grateful each and every day that I am healty enough to go to work and have a job that allows me to help my community and pay taxes to better our schools, streets, etc. Do you really think you are sucessful based on your own intelegence?? Think again!! Without our Heavenly Father you would be nothing. Just as simple as you wake up every morning without the worry of having money, food, overdue bills and all other basic necessities, you just may surprised to wake up and find your company closed due to lack of customers in your community, which could then cause YOU to lose money or possibly your job. Now, being faced with these facts are you still going to refuse any sort of help or assistance for this “unforseen” circumstance, even though you and possibly your spouse have paid taxes for all these years? What would be your immediate plan? We both know jobs like ours are extremly hard to find in less then 2 weeks. So,if you have children would you now just give them away or toss them out? Are they no longer worthy of getting an education? Do you love them any less? Should you not feed them anymore because of your “pride”? Should you be punished? NO!!! Nor should anyone else. Wake up, before it’s you needing the help. You never know what God might have in store for you tomorrow. I hope you pray that society will have more mercy on you and your family if and when your time comes, than you have on them. Remember this 1 simple word, “KARMA”.

  16. Anonymous

    whatever you call these checks is your business but my personal opinion is that you might be able to make the list of verbage defined for better useage= stimulus checks = for some the basics ie. food

  17. Anonymous

    This is exactly why this country cannot achieve unity to progress. The selfish republicans/people that believe in helping no one but theirselves. They whine and moan about having to help people that are less fortunate. Yes there are some people that mooch off of the various state aid and fed. aid programs but overall they are in place for the right reasons…to help families in their time of need. I have three kids and and my boyfriend and I work over 40 hours a week and still struggle like everyone else. I admit this wasn’t quite the dream I had for my life, but through my own mistakes I have been delayed on furthering my education, but always strive to reach a better more prosperous point in life. I take responsibility for what I have done, and what I must do. I live in one of the hardest hit counties by Hurricane Katrina, for three years I went without a vehicle after my vehicle was damaged by the storm. Three kids living in the country area with no car and not enough money to buy one, because all my money goes to bills. I have always worked hard and payed bills and taxes on time like I should. I got screwed over by the state of Mississippi over unemployment and am working hard to rectify this situation. Really suing them is what should be done, but again, no one wants to help. I believe the stimulus is very helpful, and it would be nice if it would come before christmas, because I’m sure everyone is wondering how they are going to get through the holidays. I just want the government for once to spend responsibly if that is even possible. I think all us hard-working parents deserve a little something back. I’m thankful for any stimulus they might give, but believe me it’s just enough to catch up or pay a bill or stock the fridge, it’s not like it’s a free pass or anything!!!

    We should petition or something to get walmart to bring lay-away back…that really stumped me when they stopped it. I don’t even understand why they stopped it, don’t they realize that for many families that’s the only way to afford christmas!!

  18. Anonymous

    AS FOR Heather’s Comment about people with children who should pay more school taxes, who paid your school taxes to get where you are?? Now it is your turn! You have some Nerve! Our Children of the future have needs, whether yours or not! To complain over something so petty annoys the heck out of me! It is hard taking care of children financially. But I will do whatever it takes to make sure my children have a proper and caring future. Without the likes of people like you in it. Just pay your taxes and Stop Crying about it!! PAAALEEEAAASSSE!

  19. Anonymous

    A Second Stimulous check would be an Excellent Idea! I am married with 3 children myself. My husband lost his job as well. I have been working to support our family for two years without help from anyone. We had lost our home and had to move in with my parents. We have had so many set-backs over the last few years and it is Exhausting. The black cloud just will not go away! This second stimulous check would help out everyone I know! Everyone is Struggling. As for those who are too self centered to care or realize how much it is would help, just go on another vacation or something and keep to yourselves like you always do! Some of us were Not born with a Silver Spoon in our mouths!

  20. Anonymous

    Another stimulus check would be a good idea! I am not a single mother, I am married with two daughters and we both work. We both work so hard that we don’t have enough time to spend together because we have to work so much-we both work full time jobs, so we don’t be with each other as a whole family until every OTHER weekend when I am off. About time we are done paying our monthly bills we don’t have any money left over for any type of recreation. It would help if Walmart got their layaway back so people can plan their christmas properly. At least the wages of high school graduates should be raised to match with the prices at the grocery store!

  21. Anonymous

    Tim, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the topic of children. I understand that there are single moms out there that have been left by husbands to fend for themselves with children, but I do agree that in this day and age, children are a luxury. The cost of raising one is astronomical and while the bible says that we should procreate, I think that we need to think about the cost of children. I do not have any (by choice) because I didn’t feel that with the money that my husband and I make that we could afford to give them the life that they deserve from a financial standpoint. I am soooo tired of paying school taxes, and other taxes to pay for other peoples’ children. I do think that people that have children should pay more in e.g. school taxes, more than someone that doesn’t have any.

  22. Anonymous

    300 million Americans- 200M are adults- 100M are children?
    What percentage is in poverty?

    And so this is the formula for a real stimulus package.. And then I wonder about the 2 year recovery that will make our nation stable and wealthy…is it true the number per household should be 350,000. to reach the 2 year recovery otherwise it is a 10 year recovery? Those are alot of stimulus checks! Good Luck with That! But apparently the research shows that “we” have F’d UP so badly that this is the true recovery plan? Let me know what you think.

  23. Grover: Those other expenditures will continue whether or not another check is forthcoming. Do you seriously think that a stimulus check will solve the homeless problem and result in better treatment for veterans?

  24. Anonymous

    A second stimulus check? Heck Yeah! I’m all for it. Just think about it; how many BILLIONS of dollars are sent over seas to other countries, given to illigal immigrants and the costs of the agencies governing them. I’m sure most americans would rather have all that money given to themselves…. Keep jobs in America… There won’t be as many people living under bridges, veterans will be treated better… OMG I could go on and on… this is depressing!

  25. Anonymous

    All the people who think that single parents are the only one’s that would benefit from a second check, you are sadly mistaken. My husband and I have been married for 6 years and have 2 small children. We both work full time and barely scrape by every month. We were supposed to get back 1800 for the 1st check and we only ended up getting 1300. It would be such a great help if they sent us another check. Does anyone know what we are supposed to do to get this approved?

  26. Anonymous

    I also think that the stimulus rebate check was a good idea and a second one would be even better. I am a full time single mother of two kids, full time bookkeeper for a high school, and a part-time college student. Tim, no I am not poor and do not want any body’s sympathy. My kids are my responsibility and I work very hard to support them, but sometimes it isn’t enough, especially when the economy is the way that it is now. The cost of living is steadily rising while your income remain the same. I am all for another rebate check.

  27. Anonymous

    Nickel: Yeah, so I found out! Anyway, it sounded good while it lasted! By the way, since the first round of stimulus checks worked SO well to help the economy(HA), what the heck are they thinking??

  28. Gina: It’s too bad that $85 billion divided by 200 million works out to $425 per person, and not $425,000. People really need to double check the math before spreading this stuff…

  29. Anonymous

    Ok, check this out. I got this e-mail from a friend. Idea sounds great to me. READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Thanks. Have a great day!

    [A lengthy treatise on the ‘We Deserve It’ dividend has been redacted because it’s based on flawed math. $85B split 200M ways works out to $425, not $425,000. Sorry.]

  30. Anonymous

    I believe a second round of stimulus checks are a necessity. Both my husband and myself work 40+ hours per week , and are struggling. I can tell you that we are not out spending our money foolishly. We are buying food for our children, putting gas in the vehicles and paying utility bills, mortgage etc. I know the government owes us nothing, but then again maybe they do. They are the ones who let this economy get this bad. The only people making it in this world are the poor because they are propped up with food stamps, and liheap, and section 8 and cash assistance. I do not mean anything bad towards those who are working and on these programs. Iam talking about the able bodied people who can work and won’t. I say get a job and struggle with the rest of us working middle class americans. P.S. I don’t know if I will even be able to afford heat this year. So I guess I will be relying on alternate heating sources.

  31. Anonymous

    I really don’t think it has a lot to do with rich or poor. I know that there are people in way worse situations than my own, and my heart aches for them. The stimulus checks were to help all of us, and I believe they did, if only for a while. I work with some very wealthy people, and my boss is very understanding, and tries to help. He runs a small business, that because of our community, thrives very well. I work full time, and get overtime hours often. It just isn’t enough. I have been in my job for 7 years, and believe that by now I should be more secure financially. But I’m not.

  32. Anonymous

    I am married with 2 children. I make 11.50/hr, I have an associate degree in specialized technology. My husband had to drop out of college. He has been a stay-at-home dad for 7 years, because even with him out working, we could not keep up with our bills, rent, and daycare. I have insurance through work, he has nothing. One whole paycheck per month would pay for ins. for him. That would leave us with basically nothing to take care of everything else. We get a little in food stamps, not enough to get through the month. The stimulus check was gone before we got it. I think another one would be nice, but long-term, it won’t do much to help our situation. Don’t get me wrong, it will help keep us afloat, temporarily. We try really hard, it’s so frustrating when you don’t seem to get anywhere.

  33. Anonymous

    I’m good with giving the economic stimulus checks to all. What frustrates me is that I didn’t receive the full amount because I made what the federal government says is too much. Too much? By being in the middle class I sure have paid my share but I don’t get as much as people who make and pay in less? Frustrating!

    Have they ever had an autistic child that is not covered by health insurance? Big deal if I make a little more…it doesn’t mean I have more (all things considered).

  34. Anonymous

    A warning … circa 1787 re the fall of the Athenian Republic:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money (generous gifts) from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilization has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through this sequence.

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    from spiritual faith to great courage;
    from courage to liberty;
    from liberty to abundance,
    from abundance to selfishness;
    from selfishness to complacency,
    from complacency to apathy,
    from apathy to dependency,
    from dependence back into bondage.”

  35. Anonymous


  36. Anonymous

    That’s right. Like I said Mother of 1 a three year old and Im 30. The father chose a lifestyle not suitable for my son or myself. I have paid my taxes for YEARS without any support or help. I pay my bills and taxes. Im also not complaining about having to do so; I just feel this stimulus package is a wonderful thing.

    Kudos to Single moms and dads who still keep on marching the march of a single parent. Our children will make a difference in this world.

    Oh and yeah I make 10 dollars an hour…not because i never made something of myself or went to college. I got diagnosed with degenerate spinal disease and settled for the job I currently have and love. I could have finished college, but the grants aren’t enough to cover average living expenses and school. I want my son to have more so i work my butt off to get it for him. Yay for stimulus packages

  37. Anonymous

    Tim I am one of those single mothers who children lost their father. How dare you say those things? My husband was a taxpayer just like you are. You need to get your prorities together. I am not asking for a hand out. I said that second stimulus check would help me out. Don’t be stupid and down people that may not be as fortunate as you. It’s not my fault I am disabled. I am glad there are not many people like you, because they don’t need them. You have to think about the families that don’t have things that they need. I hope you have a better understanding if you go through the same things that I do.

  38. Anonymous

    i have 3kids im a cna i have helped people everyday for 8years and still struggle to keep up with the bills that check helped so much for birthdays clothes and i spent it little by little i tried to make it last for my kids thank you it got me through the year for them and i hope that we do get a 2nd one i will be vary gratefull and i will make it last for my kids again.and people dont be so mean you have money be gratfull you do some dont and thats why we need it my baby dads ran off with th same girl at diffrent times years apart it was not my fault but i raise my kids not them there gone

  39. Anonymous

    “To he whom much is given, much is required”.

    Instead of complaining about having to help/assist the poor, be grateful that you can. Nothing in this life is promised to any of us. That which you have could be taken away from you in the twinkling of an eye. Be careful the seeds you sow, because you will have to reap them one day.

    God Bless Us All

  40. Anonymous

    I’m a high school dropout that came from a rough home. I lived a pretty rough life, up until I married my wife. I ruined my credit, not knowing what credit really was. I never had parents that would speak to me about or teach me anything about credit or financial responsibility. But, I accept the fact that this is all my fault. I’m accepting personal accountabilty. BUT I HAVE TO SAY THAT I AM DISGUSTED WITH THE MIDDLE CLASS THAT BELIEVE ANYONE WHO ACCEPTS OR IS GIVEN HELP FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS SOMEHOW LESS OF A HUMAN BEING THAN THEM. That simply is not fair, and for a christian nation, thats not very christian. Not all of us are born with silver spoons in our mouths. And a lot of people born to bad homes will typically repeat the cycle set before them. But there are those exceptions like myself. And for those people that have 3 kids they can barely support, they deserve a second check. My dad ran out on us and we received 40$ a week in child support occasionally. So if you think your better than the rest of us because you’re considered “Middle Class” you’re sadly mistaken. Because we are the people that sell you groceries, deliver your pizzas, and work at your local walmart.

  41. Anonymous

    I’m a high school dropout that came from a rough home. I lived a pretty rough life, up until I married my wife. I ruined my credit, not knowing what credit really was. I never had parents that would speak to me about or teach me anything about credit or financial responsibility. But, I accept the fact that this is all my fault. I’m accepting personal accountabilty. BUT I HAVE TO SAY THAT I AM DISGUSTED WITH THE MIDDLE CLASS THAT BELIEVE ANYONE WHO ACCEPTS OR IS GIVEN HELP FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS SOMEHOW LESS OF A HUMAN BEING THAN THEM.

  42. Anonymous

    I agree. I hope we get a second stimulus check. My husband lost his job. We have three kids. The week our stimulus check arrived, we had alot of rain. The sump pump in our basement quit. We do not have home insurance due to having to cut cost somewhere. We had to hire someone to help us. We had water up to the knees in our basement. Long story short, we are still living pay check to pay check and it cost $2334.34 for the people we hired to help us clean up the water mess. My stimulus check was $2100.00.

  43. Anonymous

    All I can say is please help us all. I live in a small town and when I go to the grocery store I see everyone in there wondering how we are going to afford to eat. We most definetly need a second round. You don’t have to be just a single mom to be drowning in this hard time we are having.
    The first one was great but it was almost like a tease.
    Like giving us just a smell of the food the second will let us actually let us taste it.

  44. Anonymous


  45. Anonymous

    To Tiny Tim,

    if you dont want to help pay for other kids, quit your job who cares, either way it goes you going to pay taxes whether you like it or not, just get a life, and be thankful you can pay taxes, just count your blessing, cause that can be very much you in the situation one day, you can have everything you want, but its up to GOD how you keep it, he sees your negative, and he can make life miserable for you. To all the mothers do what you got to do ignore Tim he is unhappy person and probably need a Tim you just been hug have a great day to all.

  46. Anonymous

    Tim – open your mind. How do you know those 2 single moms aren’t war widows? Or that the fathers decided a young blonde floozy was more to his style?? I was a single mom for 13 years for the second reason. I have 2 college degrees, and where I live, 1 is useless (which is why I went back to school). The downside? My student loan payments are now around $400 and my income still isn’t hitting $20K a year. My husband (of 3 years) is a full-time chef who is salaried at $25K. My 15-year-old son no longer qualifies for Medicaid because we make too much money. The only house we can afford is 20 miles from my husband’s job. In fact, everything is 20-50 miles away. We have no health insurance, no dental insurance, no prescription insurance.

    That first check? Paid my husband’s income tax bill and my medical bills. I’m 34 and I have arthritis in various joints. I still work full time, but when it flares up, or when I have had a cough and congestion for 3 weeks, I have to see my doctor. I’m lucky that it’s on a sliding scale fee, and I’m lucky I have a wonderful doctor, but we still pay 80% of the cost.

    I can name many places where we could take money from to reduce our deficit, but there’s no point. Until America as a whole realizes that before we go trying to fix other countries, we should fix our own first, we’re never going to regain the power we’ve been blessed to have in the past.

    I’m not envious of the rich, either. In general, most of them worked very hard to get where they are. They took chances I would never be brave enough to take, or they work in an industry I could never work in. More power to them.

    As low-end workers, I know my job, and most likely my husband’s, will always be in demand. As I watch laborers getting laid off left and right, I’m grateful I can work from home (saving $240 a month in gas) and that my husband has a job. Since we also pay taxes, it’s only fair we get some of them back. Then we can pay down our bills a little more.

  47. Anonymous

    If youre poor then why did you have 3 kids? Why should I have to pay for other people’s kids? If youre poor maybe you shouldnt have had kids you couldnt afford. Take some personal responsibility. If you have kids, pay for them.

  48. Anonymous

    I for one am appreciative of what the first round of stimulus checks brought me. I HAVE a good job, I DO pay my bills on time. As a single (I do mean single) mother of one, who receives ZERO child support or state assistance; I appreciate greatly someone (our country) finally helping me out in my time of need.

    We are in a slump not because of the low income or middle income. We are in a trillion dollar deficit for irresponsible placement of our economic funds. This has been decades of bad investments.

    To say that the Stimulus Refund is, and was, a bad idea is your Amendment Right to Free Speech. I will always be thankful for someone looking out for good decent people like me, who can hold a job, love their child(ren), pay their taxes on time and helps out anyone who needs it.

    Thank you very much for making my life much easier to breathe in.

  49. Anonymous

    I am a single mother of three. A second stimulus check would help me to buy uniforms and school supplies for my children. Whoever thinks this is a bad idea in insane. This would be great for low income families like mine.

  50. Anonymous

    I thought the first stimulus check was a bad idea; now we’re talking about a second one just as the credit crunch is starting to pass and the fed is (finally) focusing on inflation?

  51. Anonymous

    Luke, we’ll have the privilege of paying for those rebates with our taxes. We are supposed to share with those less fortunate than we are, right? Consider it charity.

    I have no problems with closing the loopholes, but not with increasing rate on capital gains and dividends. This will sure do wonders for our stock investments. Then there be capital losses instead of capital gains and we get to deduct them from our income. If it ends up to be low enough we may qualify for the rebate.

    I also don’t really want my employer to pay more taxes. Wouldn’t help my ESPP and is likely not going to help my benefits or salary.

    Don’t like McCain either. Was almost OK with him until he came out with his “health plan”. So now I am not even sure I want to vote; not that it matters in NY.

  52. Anonymous

    So do people who have a good job and pay their bills on time get nothing? It seems a little strange to me at least that he is pushing something that will cost 50 billion dollars. But then again, I’d be happy to see those tax loopholes fixed.

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