Anniversary Giveaway, Update #1

Just a quick update on the anniversary giveaway… As of this writing, there are over 180 comments, and I’ve already received eight nine entries from bloggers who’ve posted articles highlighting one of my past posts or reviewing this site. Remember, you get a single entry for simply posting a comment on the original contest announcement (and promising to tell at least one friend about this site), whereas a blog entry gets you three additional entries (if you follow the rules). See the original post for details.

A couple of things to keep in mind… If you have multiple sites, you’re welcome to submit multiple post entries (one per site) — just be sure that they’re substantially different from one another. And keep in mind that your site doesn’t have to be about personal finance to be eligible. In fact, I’d be thrilled if people with unrelated sites decided to participate. After all, that gives me a chance to reach out to an entirely new audience.

As promised, here are the links to the weblog entries thus far:

Binary Dollar
Mighty Bargain Hunter
My Two Dollars
Billy Ocean’s Eleven
PT Money
Everybody Loves Your Money

Thanks also to the following sites for linking to the contest:

Money and Investing

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