Amazon Deal on the New Harry Potter Book

Late last week I noted that we pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from Amazon. It comes out on Saturday, July 21st, and if you spring for standard shipping ($3.99) they guarantee that it’ll be delivered on the day of release (other wise it’s free).

The price is reasonably competitive ($17.99, down from a list price of $34.99), and last night while perusing Amazon’s website, I noticed that they’re offering a bit of an additional incentive… Everyone that pre-orders a copy will receive a $5 gift certificate to be used anytime during August. Assuming that you’ll make use of the gift certificate, that brings the price down to $12.99, and it’s also eligible for Super Saver Shipping (assuming that you don’t mind receiving it after release day — otherwise you’ll have to pony up the extra $3.99).

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  1. Anonymous

    Small booksellers provide customer service and you pay for it. I am raising children not bookstores. I need to be able to afford books my children love to read. Its Walmart or the second hand book store for me, and I don’t feel bad about it… 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    You do realize that you are screwing over small bookstores royally by doing this.
    Stores like Barnes & Noble and Amazon actually LOSE money on the HP books, but they can afford to take that hit just to get people in the store (or, like on Amazon, make a minimum purchase).
    There are pleny of independant bookstores that will be selling HP7 for 10 or 20 percent off. For a couple bucks extra, it’s worth it to me. Or else soon there won’t be any non-giant-chain-conglomerates left.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s called delayed gratification! And it’s a good skill to have. We home school and sometimes we need to book NOW….(or yesterday) and so we love the flexibility of amazon prime. 🙂 I do agree it’s not for everyone, but we budget for the fee and it’s all good. The only downfall is when we need something and it says “This item is not eligible for amazon prime.” ACK!

  4. Nickel

    Karen, I’ve come oh so close to joining Prime on several occasions, but haven’t done so yet. I don’t usually by extra stuff. Rather, I just wait until we have enough stuff to buy to get free shipping before I place an order.

  5. Anonymous

    We are members of amazon prime, so we don’t always jack up our purchases in order to get free shipping. i like being able to buy just one book at a time and not HAVE to buy more in order to qualify for free shipping (which, typically, the free shipping is way too slow for my tastes)
    Works out well because my parents like to order through amazon for birthday gifts, so i order it, have it shipped to them, and they pay me back. 🙂
    some may balk at the amazon prime fee, but for us, i think it saves money because we can buy a $5 book and not have to spend $20 more just so we get free shipping. 😉

  6. Anonymous

    We decided to just reserve a copy at our local Barnes & Noble. It’s a dollar cheaper than Amazon after the Standard Shipping, plus we’ll get it at 12:01 am on release day instead of (hopefully) by 7:00 pm on release day.

    It’s worth missing out on the $5 gift card to get it earlier. We’re big (but cheap) fans. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    I pre-ordered mine from the uk as well. I don’t like the idea of changing the language in British book on principle, and I cringe every time I hear “Sorcerer’s stone”.

  8. Anonymous

    I pre-ordered my copy on a while ago.

    I got an extra purchase that I had been planning for a while at the same time so that I qualified for the free delivery, and it’ll be delivered on the release date. It sounds like that is a pretty good deal.

  9. Anonymous

    My wife was rereading the last couple of books and was hoping that the book came out a little earlier than it does; she has been flying through them which is unusual for her. She’ll be done reading the 6th one well before the 7th is released, but since it isn’t this weekend we kept it at the super saver shipping rate.

    I didn’t know about the gift certificate bit; hopefully they forward it along once the book ships but if they don’t then I won’t worry about it. I used a different gift certificate to buy it for her in the first place.

  10. Nickel

    Karen, good point. However, you need to spend $25 to get the Free Super Saver shipping, so spending less than that wouldn’t be much of a deal, anyway (you’d have to pay shipping). Like I said, if you have a use for this, it’s a good deal. Otherwise, maybe not so much. 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks! I looked at the fine print. “Upon redemption, minimum purchase amount of $20 is required.”

    That’s why amazon is doing it. Hmmm….not sure I’ll redeem it. I’m trying to get away from spaving. 🙂

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