Ally Bank Raises Savings Account Interest Rate

Late last week, Ally Bank did something that’s been almost unheard of over the past year or so… They raised the interest rate on their online savings account. No, it wasn’t a large increase, but at least it wasn’t a decrease. It remains to be seen if anyone else will follow suit, but I doubt it. After all, the underlying Federal Reserve rates haven’t changed a bit.

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5 Responses to “Ally Bank Raises Savings Account Interest Rate”

  1. Anonymous

    Single Guy Money: A checking account paying 4%? I have heard of no such thing going on… mind sharing the details?

    The highest checking account on BankRate lists 0.75% at Charles Schwab. The highest savings rate is about 2%.

  2. Anonymous

    Not a huge increase but at least they are increasing the rates instead of decreasing. Too me though, it would take at least 5% to make it worthwhile to switch from my current high rate checking account paying 4%.
    – SingleGuyMoney

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, I saw they raised rates too. Unless you have more than 250K in there, I would view it as a good thing. Enjoy the extra interest income.

    However, I also agree with Kirks point, and if you have more than 250K, you may want to spread it around and find another shelter.

  4. Anonymous

    This probably isn’t a good thing. GMAC, or I mean Ally, needs to raise capital or face a Friday evening visit from the FDIC. So they are offering higher rates to attract that capital. So before you jump for joy that you are getting a higher yield, you should realize this may be a bad sign.

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