Air Conditioning Followup

Well, my wife just called and informed me that the A/C repairman couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with our system other than the fact that it was low on refrigerant. Given the age of our house (just over five years old) and the lack of any obvious leaks, this means that we most likely have a slow leak somewhere in the system. They recharged it, added a dye to help localize the leak, and then handed over a bill for $192 for the service call, diagnosis, and recharging. All in all, it wasn’t the most satisfying experience in that our house is now nice and cool, but the underlying problem still hasn’t been addressed. Oh well, we’re at least partway to a solution in that the leak should be detectable on a future visit.

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  1. Anonymous

    Our A/C broke a year ago…. $6000.00 later we had a problem. Too much month at the end of the money! This event is what spurred my wife and I to get control of our finances.

    Since we started working from a budget and making a plan (about Sept. of 2006) we have paid off $34,000 in debt (including the aforementioned A/C replacement) and have 3 months of expenses in the bank. Once we finish up the emergency fund, we will begin to invest and look at how to attack or mortgage.


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