Weekly Roundup – 11/03/06

Here’s a quick look at some of the posts that caught my eye over the past week:

Jim has a controversial tip for helping maximize your restaurant server’s income… Always tip with cash so they can avoid paying taxes. Not surprisingly, a relatively heated discussion ensued.

Flexo has some thoughts on hedging for small investors. He also has a great tip for getting those “Get Rich Quick” e-books for free.

FMF thinks rebates are a scam. While I don’t necessarily agree with they’re scams, they’re definitely not for the faint of heart.

MBH has some thoughts about Facebook turning down a cool $1 billion.

JLP thinks that investing small amounts can be expensive. Obviously, the other extreme (not investing) can be extremely costly in the long run, as well… So do the right thing and open an account with someone like Vanguard and buy no-load funds direct from the source with no commission.

MyRetirementBlog urges you to max out your 401(k) as early as possible. This is great advice, although I don’t necessarily agree that you should ratchet things back later.

Chapter Reviews — The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing

– Chapter 22: Passing it on When You Pass On

– Chapter 23: You can do It!

Finally, I’d like to encourage you to swing by the MBN Forums… There are lots of great discussions going on, both for bloggers and for people with a general interest in personal finance.

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