$50 Signup Bonus from ING Direct Electric Orange

The $50 offer expired, but you can still get a $25 signup bonus.

Time is running short on this one, but apparently ING Direct is offering a $50 signup bonus for their Electric Orange checking account. There are two catches… First, it looks like you have to have an ING Direct savings account (not a big deal, as you can just open one now). Second, this deal apparently expires on October 31st.

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you don’t already have one, open an ING Direct savings account
  2. Click through to open an Electric Orange account
  3. Enter EM227 when prompted for a reference code
  4. Activate your debit and make 3 signature-based transactions within 45 days
  5. Receive a $50 credit in your account within 50 days

Note: When I tried to signup through the Electric Orange url, everything worked fine until I got to the identify verification step. Unfortunately, it errored out at that point, so… I ended up calling them at 1-888-ING-0727 and they completed the activation process in just 2-3 minutes. Just be sure to tell them about the promo code if you have to call.

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10 Responses to “$50 Signup Bonus from ING Direct Electric Orange”

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, I successfully set up an Electric Orange account yesterday. I had trouble earlier but got in ok and am happy with it so far, at least! I just put in $50 for now. I hope it doesn’t hurt my credit report!

  2. Anonymous

    I tried signing up yesterday. I got through the security questions and then it took me to a screen saying they were unable to complete my transaction. Today, I logged on again, entered the amount I wanted to transfer from my ING saving account, and it immediately brought me to a screen saying I had been approved for Electric Orange overdraft protection. I was really surprised that it took me to this screen immediately when yesterday I had to go through the security questions. I decided not to go through the process, and I hit “cancel.” The reason for my hesitation was because I know that applying for an Electric Orange account makes a “hard pull” on your credit report. I tried calling their customer service number, but it is down for maintenance. Has anyone else successfully set one up?

  3. Money Saving Guy: The whole point of the bonus is to get people to sign up for Electric Orange. If they already have you as an Electric Orange customer, why would they pay you $50 to open a second account?

  4. Anonymous

    ” You do not have the correct account requirements for Electric Orange. ”

    If you already have an electric orange account this is the error message you get, oh well, was just curious.

  5. Anonymous

    I was unable to sign up for this promo because I already have a couple of Electronic Orange accounts with them. Shouldnt I still be able to open another account? What gives?

  6. Anonymous

    I have always been encouraged by others to join ING but he been reluctant to do it. I know there are many benefits, but I will definitely have to do more research.

  7. All: Apologies for the trouble. I did a bit of investigation this morning, and figured out what’s going on. First, you have to have an.ING Direct savings account (you can just open one and then go ahead with the rest of the process) to participate. Second, there is a special url that you have to follow for the code to work. I’ve updated the post with the new info.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi… went to sign up for the account and was told the promo code was no longer valid.

    From nickel: My bad. I’ve updated the post with additional info. I just tried and it worked for me.

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