3rd Quarter 2007 Estimated Taxes Due

Just a quick reminder to those of you that need to make estiamted tax payments… 3rd Quarter estimated taxes are due tomorrow, (Monday, September 17th. You might also be interested in my rundown of key 2007 tax deadlines. Also remember that if you filed an extension on your 2006 taxes last spring, they’re due by October 15th at the latest.

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  1. Anonymous

    A similar thing happened to me and my 10 year old son at the local hockey arena. I talked “it” through with my son and we left a note at the concession to have the person who lost a wallet contact us as we had no way to contact the owner.
    Within 3 days, we had a call, the owner got his wallet & money back, my son received a $20.00 reward and a valuable lesson was learned.

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