10 Credit Card Pitfalls To Avoid This Holiday Shopping Season

This post comes from Lindsay Meredith at our partner site Quizzle.com The holiday shopping season will be in full swing before you know it, and, if you’re like many Americans, you’ll be making your special purchases with a credit card. After all, credit cards are a safe and convenient way to shop, plus they off […]

R.I.P. Black Friday?

A Long Life Nobody knows for sure exactly when Black Friday began as an American tradition. Know-it-all site TIFO (Today I Found Out) credits the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as something the retailer did to draw shoppers to its store almost a century ago. However, the parade was (and still is) on Thanksgiving Day, when the […]

What do you consider risk?

This hard-charging stock market — up more than 23 percent for the first ten months of 2013 — has me regularly cautioning about the riskiness of what may be inflated prices. I think it’s an important message under the circumstances, but it’s hardly the last word about financial risk. While the devastating impact of stocks […]

Anybody up for a 100-thou Dow?

I was listening to my favorite personal finance radio show one recent Sunday morning, when the program host uttered a prediction that virtually knocked me out of my chair. The affable star of the show, who helms one of the nation’s best-known and most successful financial advisories, clued listeners in on his conviction the Dow […]

Letting go of financial stress

I love the holidays. Family, fun, time off … somehow everyone seems to be more cheerful this time of the year, which makes me smile. But it also means more parties, entertaining, decorating and gifts. Adding a new house and a baby (and the sleeplessness that comes along with it) to the mix this year, the […]

End of year brings changes in mortgage industry

This article comes from Anthony Fontana from the Quicken Loans Zing! blog. For some of us, the end of 2013 just signals the beginning of 2014. Not a whole lot changes aside from writing 2014 at the end of a date. However, the end of this year is different. Why, you ask? Because FHA loan […]

The Twitter IPO: Should you buy?

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that Twitter just had its IPO. In English, that means you can now, for the first time, buy its stock on a stock exchange. Mere mortals (those without the insider connections to get the stock at its $26 official listing price) had to buy at an […]

Why I think of money at Thanksgiving

Don’t worry — this article isn’t going to be as cynical as that title may sound. I don’t even think my sentiments are especially materialistic. However, I do think handling money the right way is one of the most important things one can do for one’s family, and thinking of it that way sets me […]

Psychology of Black Friday: Motivation behind the pursuit of deals

Planning done, lists itemized, tasks assigned, routes all mapped out and the game plan is ready to go. I am not talking about a military operation; I am talking about one of the most popular retail holidays in the US – Black Friday, a day when seemingly rational people go mad in the pursuit of deals. […]

The two-word secret to personal finance success

It wasn’t long ago I suggested in this space there was a one-word reason for the colossal indebtedness of Americans. That word, I ventured, was “supersize.” By supersizing everything from combo meals to homes and cars, folks nationwide were ensuring they’d suffer supersized debt burdens and super-slender savings, I wrote. What I didn’t reveal at that […]