Income inequality: Whose side are you on?

Sometimes you just get a feeling something is wrong. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know, you just know, something is not right. Maybe you see something and wonder if you’re seeing it right. Then someone else mentions the same thing, confirming what you suspected. Then you read about in a news […]

4 retirement saving mind games

I was reading recently about endurance swimmer Diana Nyad’s feat of becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida. The physical details of what she went through are mind-boggling, but what struck me also was the psychological element. It reminded me that certain mind games can be very useful in reaching long-term goals, […]

Investing 101 for first-time investors

This post comes from Stephanie Halligan at our partner site “You want me to do what with my money?” It’s a natural response from millennials when told they should start investing while their young. Most of today’s 20-somethings, still scarred from the stock market collapse in September 2008, are down-right scared to put any of their […]

Frugal and fetching

One of the legendary figures of my high school years was a teacher named Mr. Canova. A burly, balding, faintly simian-looking dude, he was someone you didn’t want to tangle with in a dark alley, or in the brightly-lit classroom where he presided over a senior-year course called Problems of Democracy. A big reason he […]

What a trip around the world taught me about money

This post comes from Jen Smialek at our partner site For the past five weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to realize one of my wildest dreams: Taking a trip around the world. A whirlwind tour due to various professional and personal responsibilities, I flew over 30, 000 miles and visited 13 different countries in the span […]

How will the government shutdown impact you?

Even the most passionate avoiders of news have heard: the government of the mightiest country in the world has shut down. Even the Taliban is having a field day over something that must seem really strange to them, being hardly the most devoted civil servants in the known world. And indeed it is a strange sight, even […]

How to prepare financially for a bundle of joy

We will be welcoming our first child in less than a week. We started having a lot of conversations about starting a family a couple of years ago and have been preparing for it, including moving from dual incomes to one. It has been a roller coaster ride for us — emotionally, mentally, financially and […]

Budgeting for the present and future

Most people wrestle with a conflict between the present and the future — how do they meet immediate financial needs and still set aside money for retirement? Learning how to use budgets can be a way of bridging this gap between present and future. When you are getting started, budgeting can seem a little intimidating. […]

Can You Go Completely Paperless with Your Finances?

This post comes from Sean T. Johnston at our partner site They say that “cash is king.” But some people would like nothing more than to overthrow his majesty in favor of electronic payments. After all, cash is dirty, insecure and hard to account for. For some, the personal check is still the standard way […]

The Psychology of Social Security Claiming

Philosophers, op-ed writers and other big thinkers are among the many folks always scouring for linkages between seemingly disparate trends and occurrences. Want a few examples? Well, there’s the link between the need for World War II defense workers and the post-war emergence of the film noir femme fatale. There’s the connection between choosing zero percent APR […]