Marriage and money: Sharing the load

Over the past 30 years, I’ve had ample opportunity to see how married couples handle their finances. Some do a better job than others, but in general it is healthier for those finances — and the marriage itself — if both spouses take the attitude that they are in this thing together. That may seem […]

The true cost of owning a car

This post comes from Cathy at our partner site If you’re a driver, you’ve undoubtedly thought about how much it costs to buy a car. Maybe you’ve lusted after a $500, 000 Lamborghini, while knowing you can only afford a $20, 000 Honda Civic. And you’ve probably considered the cost of purchasing a car […]

Executing the executor role

Over the course of a long life, an individual’s financial affairs can become exceptionally complicated. He or she has likely assembled a portfolio of savings, stocks and bonds, life insurance policies, real estate holdings and other assets. If a savvy money manager, the person has sought out the best credit cards and the best savings […]

My credit cards fund my luxuries

We bought our first house three months ago. We are very slowly furnishing our home, and our credit cards are paying for it. No, I do not mean we are putting all the expenses in our credit card. We are making our own furniture and every single tool required to make the furniture and the […]

5 tips for better success when investing in P2P loans

This post, written by Miranda Marquit, is from our partner site Quizzle. Years ago, I received free money to invest in P2P loans for review purposes. I would get to keep the money, and I could write about my experience with P2P investing. I decided to accept the assignment, since the money was free, and […]

What’s your number?

This post is by staff writer William Cowie. Are you curious to know how Warren Buffett succeeded so spectacularly at his investing? I am, so I’m working my way through his (thick) authorized biography. If there’s anything that matches his investing prowess, it’s his readiness to share his secrets with all who are interested. By […]

Young workers see the light on saving

People often talk about micro- and macro-economics in the abstract, but sometimes you run into a perfect example of how a specific case resonates with a broader trend. I was recently talking to a graduate student in his early 20s who just earned himself a paid internship for the year ahead. The compensation includes the […]

5 surprising reasons you might want life insurance

This post, written by Alden Wicker, is from our partner site LearnVest. Who depends on you for support? If we’re talking about emotional support, you can probably tick off a quick list. But when it comes to financial support, the picture gets murkier. According to a survey by LearnVest and Guardian Insurance,  almost one in five […]

Super debt: That’s just about the size of it

This article is by staff writer Jeffrey Steele. Personal finance gurus have long warned that we Americans have a nasty problem. We spend too much and save too little. Not only do we not look for the best savings accounts, or check on savings account rates, or seek high interest savings accounts, many of us […]

How to contribute to school fundraisers without breaking the bank

This post comes from Cathy at our partner site It’s Back to School season, and that means it’s also time for school fundraisers to start. Most schools have at least a few fundraisers. And many schools have an overwhelming number of fundraisers. Here are some tips on how to handle those (seemingly endless) requests […]