Is a timeshare a good investment?

This article is by staff writer William Cowie. Summer is winding down and so you’re sitting on the patio catching up with your friends. Mark and Sally just came back from their timeshare vacation on Maui, and they’re breathless as they recount all the fun things they did. That night, you and your significant other […]

The sad faces of college debt

This article is by staff writer Jeffrey Steele. It’s not often that I find myself in a cocoon of warm and fuzzy feelings about how good I’ve had it in life. But when I consider the economic travails endured by the current generation of college students, I can’t help feeling I’ve lived a pretty charmed […]

How to eat vegetarian on the cheap

This post is from staff writer Suba Iyer. I have been a vegetarian all my life. Every time I read a post on how to save money that includes “go vegetarian” as one of the pieces of advice, I get a little uncomfortable. It is not bad advice, but there is much more to it […]

New credit card rewards program pays your other debts

This guest post by Miranda Marquit originally appeared on our partner site When many of us think of credit card rewards programs, we think of earning cash back, or building up miles that can be used for travel. But what if your credit card rewards went toward paying off some of your other debts? […]

The outlook for 30-somethings may be looking up

This post is from staff writer Richard Barrington. It would be understandable if today’s 30-somethings feel they were born too late to take advantage of financial opportunities available to previous generations. However, the way the interest rate cycle is playing out, financially responsible 30-somethings might find things falling very much in their favor in the […]

The mistake that plunged my credit score 200 points

In the fall of 2011, I went on an episode of “The Suze Orman Show” to ask her how to repair my credit, and I knew I was in big trouble when she told me there was nothing she could do. I had figured, there must always be ways to raise your credit score. Little did I know […]

The age of the entrepreneur

This post is from staff writer Jeffrey Steele. Many who reach the age of 50 and beyond aren’t looking forward to a rocking chair and a life of endless TV programming. They would like to stay on the job and work indefinitely. But ensuring they can isn’t always so simple. No matter how much experience […]

How can helping others help you?

This post is from staff writer Suba Iyer. In personal finance blogs, we explore a lot of ways to propel our career to the next level, develop new skills, have fun while being frugal, etc. One of the ways that is usually ignored but can accomplish all of these and more is by volunteering. Yes, volunteering is […]

An $18.4 million credit report mistake

This post, written by Alexa Pugh, comes from our partner site LearnVest. Having errors on your credit report can spell financial doom—but for Julie Miller, it was a windfall. After hounding credit bureau Equifax with 13 letters over the course of two years urging them to amend errors on her report, she finally sued and won $18.4 million in […]

4 steps to prepare for the next recession

This post is from staff writer William Cowie. What? Is the last recession even over yet? Isn’t it a little early to begin talking about the next one? Yes, and no. According to all official sources, the Great Recession bottomed out in 2009. That means the recession has officially been over for four years now. This […]