What investment scams are made of

This post is from staff writer Jeffrey Steele. I’ve had Brian Ross’s 2009 book “The Madoff Chronicles” in my sights for several years, and I finally got around to plucking the tome about the 2008 collapse of the House of Madoff from my local library. Having devoured about three-quarters of this Greek tragedy of a tale, […]

Happily ever after: The rise of virtual retirement villages

This article, written by Leah Ingram, comes to us from our partners at LearnVest. When Mary Flournoy, now 67, retired from her job as a librarian in 2011, she was hardly ready to move to a retirement home and spend the rest of her days in a rocking chair. Living in East Falls, a neighborhood in western […]

Why Detroit’s bankruptcy affects you

This post is from staff writer William Cowie. If you had to pick a single city in the U.S. epitomizing America’s might as an industrial power, Detroit would be hard to beat. That’s right, the Detroit that just declared the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. If your first reaction was to shrug and say something […]

How financial milestones have changed over the years

This post is from staff writer Richard Barrington. A recent conversation I had with some fellow 50-somethings sparked a series of thoughts on how expectations about wages have changed in the 30-odd years since we got out of college. Some compensation milestones have clearly changed, while some haven’t. This in turn got me thinking about […]

Time your spending and save big

This post, written by Lisa Schlosberg, comes from our partners at QuickenLoans.com. Controlling your financial situation requires paying attention to where you spend and what you’re buying. But to be really successful, you should start to consider when you shop as well. Implementing small changes like buying according to the best time of day, week or year, […]

Calling attention to retention

This post is from staff writer Jeffrey Steele. I’ve been a member of a local professional association for more than 20 years. The group holds monthly meetings, and the program committee comes up with a different program each month, usually featuring one or more guest speakers. Topics have included getting the most from social media, […]

Free or cheap summer fun for frugalists

This post is from staff writer Suba Iyer. For the past few years we have spent our summers traveling. This year is different; we moved to a new city, bought our first home and we are also expecting our first child this fall. Lot of exciting life changes but they didn’t leave much room for major […]

Epiphanies: Catalysts of change

This is a guest post from Terry R. Vergon who wrote “A Journey of Epiphanies:  Learning Leadership, ” which looks at the specific epiphanies that enable people to become great leaders and affect change. Five Cent Nickel offers great suggestions and behaviors to help us become more financially successful, but what drives us to adopt these […]

The gold price fight of 2013

This post is from staff writer William Cowie. I love a good fight — don’t you? The latest fight I’m enjoying from the sidelines is the gold fight of 2013. Gold, it seems, has the power to elicit more raw emotion than any other investment. On one hand, it’s been around thousands of years — […]

A simple way to understand a complicated stock market

This post is from staff writer Richard Barrington. The stock market has been taking its lumps over the past month, with the most consistent source of upset being speculation over when the Federal Reserve would end its aggressive stimulus program of low interest rates. The irony is that this speculation has been triggered by improved […]