What do you do with your windfalls?

This post is from new staff writer William Cowie. A few weeks ago, the lottery jackpot was almost $600 million. Did you buy a ticket? If you’re like millions of others, the answer would be yes. As the size of the jackpot climbs, more people buy tickets. Why? The “big pot” Powerball ticket costs the same ($2) […]

Don’t believe the bull

This post is from staff writer Richard Barrington. Have you got bull market fever yet? Its symptoms are giddiness and a blurring of reality. It happens when the stock market has had such a run of success that investors start to imagine just what kind of riches it would create if that run just kept […]

How I cut my spending in half to take a job I loved

This article, by Ainslie Simmonds, as told to Libby Kane, comes from our partner site LearnVest. In 2009,  I was a very senior executive celebrating my fourth anniversary at a brokerage firm.  I was working about 70 hours a week, managing 80 people and traveling to the company’s other offices (two of which were cross-country) 3-4 days […]

Working longer: Fallback or fallacy?

This post is from staff writer Jeffrey Steele. The following has occurred to me countless times; maybe it has you as well. Perhaps you’ve even been the one to utter those oft-repeated words. Two or more people are talking about how far behind they are in saving for retirement. They’ve saved so little, in fact, that […]

More money, more happiness: Do you think money can buy happiness?

This post is from staff writer Suba Iyer. Money and its effect on happiness is one of those topics that has been discussed over and over again. Yet, the topic fascinates the academic community and the research continues — with contradicting results every few months. The latest finding in this genre of research comes from […]

Overdraft fees soared to $32 billion in 2012

This post, written by Anthony Fontana, is from out partner site QuickenLoans.com. Nobody likes wasting money, do they? Actually, according to a news report from Moebs Services, banks, credit unions and thrift institutions made $32 billion on overdraft fees in 2012. That’s right, $32, 000, 000, 000! That’s a lot of zeros. The 2012 numbers represent […]

How do you combat prom inflation?

This post is from new staff writer William Cowie. Prom inflation? There’s such a thing now? Seriously? Yep. Visa evidently thinks prom spending is significant enough that they’re spending money doing an annual survey about how much people are going to spend on proms. The 2013 report just came out a few weeks ago. What did […]

How should you choose a bank? Look in the mirror.

This post is from staff writer Richard Barrington. I was recently interviewed on the subject of online banking, and the reporter asked a very direct question: is online banking better than traditional branch-based banking? It’s a fair question given the information we were discussing. This included surveys from MoneyRates.com that show online banks consistently having higher […]

The cost of clean water

This post, written by Aaron Brandt, comes to us from our partner site QuickenLoans.com. In order to survive, we need water. However, the water we drink could actually harm us. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, tap water can contain contamination from natural chemicals and minerals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, pesticides and even sewage overflow. […]

College debt 101

This post is from staff writer Jeffrey Steele. A few weeks back, by sheer coincidence, I happened to meet a young woman currently enrolled in the same journalism school master’s degree program from which I graduated more than a third of a century ago. We got to talking about all the opportunities she and her […]