Filing Taxes After the Deadline

It’s been nearly two weeks since the deadline to file your 2011 income taxes. If you missed the deadline, you’re likely in a panic and may not be sure what to do. The reality of the situation is that you’ll likely face penalties and interest (assuming that you owe) but you can minimize the damage […]

Citi Forward Card has a Signup Bonus: 10k Points = $100 in Gift Cards

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. This is just a quick note to let you know that Citi is offering 10k bonus points on the Citi Forward® Card. Here’s the deal… Simply apply for the card, get approved, and spend $650 within the first three months […]

Using ING Direct’s Smartphone App to Deposit Checks

As a followup to my earlier post about remote deposit at ING Direct, I just wanted to share my first deposit experience. I had two small checks lying around so I figured I’d test it out. Here are the steps: Endorse your check. Launch the app and hit the “deposit” button. Snap a photo of […]

Should You Buy a Home Now?

This is a guest post from Sarah Gilbert. The story of one mortgage I got my mortgage statement in the mail a few weeks ago. I bought my Portland, Oregon home 10 years ago on a busy street in an up-and-coming neighborhood with what I thought was a super-low interest rate: 5.25%. It was a […]

ING Direct Adds Remote Deposit – Finally!

ING Direct has now become Capital One 360. At long last, ING Direct has added remote deposit. They’ve been promising that it’s “coming soon” since last summer, and it’s finally here. Here are some details: There is no fee to make remote deposits. You can either use their mobile app or scan/upload. There is a […]

Is it Time to Switch to LED Lightbulbs?

A little over five years ago, I replaced all of the lightbulbs in our house with CFLs. At the time, CFL prices had finally come down to the point of affordability and the technology improved to the point where we could find (with some searching) bulbs with decent light quality and minimal warmup time. With […]

In-Store Health Care Savings

If you, like me, have been around since nearly the dawn of time, you likely recall an early 1970s TV show called Marcus Welby, M.D. The show’s premise was simplicity itself. A kindly old doctor, who teamed with a young, studly, hipper doc, made house calls on a variety of patients, and usually became ensnared […]

How Long are Undeposited Checks Good?

Just over a year ago, my wife wrote a small check for an end-of-the-year school function of some sort. The check was made out to the school, but it was collected by another mom. A month or so later, I noticed that it still had not cleared the bank. At the time, I assumed that […]

Social Security Payments Transitioning to Direct Deposit

Guess what? Starting next year, Social Security recipients as well as those receiving veterans’ benefits, railroad pensions, and federal disability payments will no longer receive physical checks sent through the mail. Instead, the government will only issue electronic payments. In general, this means direct deposit to a bank account, though debit cards will be available […]

Six Ways to Save on Spring Cleaning

Those warm breezes blowing in your window make you think about spring cleaning, don’t they? If the outdoors world is smelling fresh, you want your house to smell fresh, too! But there’s no need to run out and buy the costly cleaning supplies and equipment you see on the TV ads. Here are six ways […]